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B. lateralis oothecae issue

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hey ppl. im just looking for help on incubating B.Lateralis oothecae i've been having trouble do this.

i have them in a Plastic Show box container and water crystals for humidity but i havent had any oothecae hatch. oh yeah the show box is on top of my Bearded dragons heat lamp and the thermometer i have inside the box says its 90 degrees.

so if any one has tips on how to hatch the oothecae it would be highly helpful to me :]

pic on how to do it would be great to


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Well, if the air inside is 90°F, the bottom will be even some degrees warmer and then your ootheca just dry out and if they would hatch, the young nymphs would die of thirst soon. (If you mean 90°C it would be much too hot and 90°R would be far too cold :lol: !)

Keep them at 75-80°F (maximally 85°F).

Shelfordella lateralis (syn. B. lateralis) is for two reasons one of the favorite feeder species: The don't climb glass and they already reproduce at room temperature. It's not a (sub-)tropical species like most other roaches kept in captivity and therefore don't need such high temps; constantly 90°F would even kill most of these.



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