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"Butterfly Paintings" Anyone think this is a good Idea?

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Butterflies are very beautiful in every way. From their wings right down to their first waste release when they emerge from their chrysalis. I am trying to market these "Butterfly Paintings" so we can raise money for Insect conservation at the zoo. Problem is that most people don't get it. How do I spin this so people are interested and purchase these things? The attached file is me showing some of the Paintings at an Endangered Butterfly Workshop.



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Well, I raise monarch butterflies from eggs; so I know how you feel :D

I think one of the best ways to get people interested and at the same time help the insect would be to show them a live butterfly and compare your (awesome :D) artwork and possibly compare them? Monarch, Queens, Swallowtails and Painted Ladies are all easy to attract. Attract them with their host plants (ex. monarch = milkweed). Another way would be to display them while teaching (them) about butterflies. I'm doing multiple teachings at schools, and am giving away free milkweed with the larvae on it. I have people asking to buy them from me nonstop. As for you're paintings, they're amazing (and I'm tempted to buy a few lol) and I'm sure if people looked at them; they'd be a hit.

Good luck and hoped this helped.

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