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Hi everyone, new to the roach forum

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Hi everyone, my name is Tiff. I run tiffsbugsandmore , I raise roaches, spiders and more. I currently have: B. Dubia, B. Lateralis, G. Portentosa, N. Cinerea, E. Ivory, H. Flexititta, E. Javanica, G. Oblongonata, E. Chopardi, O. Duesta, P. Virginica and a few unidentified local species. I also raise P. Audax, and H. Carolinensis spiders. I have a new youtube acct and I could use some.subscribers. Please check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/user/tiffsbugsandmore thanks for your support. My email is tiffsbugsandmore@gmail.com nice to meet u all. Tiffany Moss

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