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Rhabdoblatta formosana

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1 hour ago, lovebugfarm said:

I'm gonna read up on them more but I think I maybe putting them on my list for my communal tank experiments. :)

I don't know that they'd do well with other inverts besides clean-up crews, they are very prolific and fast growing, plus they can be finicky when it comes to the level of dead bodies in their enclosure, yet they produce a ton, so maintaining them along with other species of roach in the same enclosure may get tricky.

1 hour ago, BlattaAnglicana said:

What are those small black creatures in with them (visible in the photos a few posts up)? They look like some sort of small beetle?

Like others have said, they are Alphitobius diaperinus, which I use in addition to Porcellio scaber to eat the dead bodies in their enclosure, this species of roach really needs a clean-up crew in their enclosure or else you have to scoop out the dead bodies by hand, and that's no fun! :lol:

20 minutes ago, Cariblatta lutea said:

Glad to see that these are doing well for you!

Thanks! :)

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