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I just did a trade with kyle I thought he didn't reply to me but turns out he still uses an @aol.com email and gmail considers anything from aol to be spam so I didn't know he had replied for like a week. As of this week he said hes also house hunting and packing for a expo. Busy busy guy lol

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On 2/12/2017 at 10:00 PM, Crazy Bug Lady said:

Right now, I just have the two wide horned hisser nymphs and an adult male g-portentosa.  Do any of you know when hissers start to hiss?

It would be interesting to see if the different spiecies of hisser could be identified by their hiss.

If some of you with different hisser breeds want to upload audio of your hissers, I can tell you if I think it might be possible to id via sound.

As for texture, the nymphs are just much softer than my audlt male, their legs haven't yet become rough.  WHen they are older, I will be able to tell you more about the texture differences I notice.

One of the reasons I chose wide horned hissers is because they are said to have a louder hiss, and I thought that would be fun.

Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

Hello and welcome to the forum. 

I think that hissers start to hiss in their 4th or 5th instar, I read it somewhere but can't find it at the moment but will keep looking to confirm the exact time when they start hissing.  But Hissers have 6 instars so it is somewhere in the later instars that they start hissing.


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