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Predatory Mites

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Though about getting some predatory mites for enclosures. I don't have lots of mites only some in 1 tank but don't want a population explosion or spread to other colonies. Anyone uses these and what species is recommended? 

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I use Hypoaspis miles predatory mites in my enclosures. I added them after a grain mite infection (my own fault) and after I got Eupolyphaga sinensis roaches that carried Sancassania berlesei mites. The grain mites were no match for the predatory mites, but the Sancassania mites fared better (but their numbers are dwindling). 
I also have the impression that they took care of the fungi gnats (those small black flies). They have become rare as well. 

All my enclosures have predatory mites. Their numbers stay low. For me they work well. I don't think one has to fair a 'hostile' mite take-over. They are self limiting once their prey is on the verge of extermination. 

That's my 2 cents on the matter. 

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