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Blaberus giganteus Display tank

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My son decided he wants these....  I'm considering rather than my standard setup, setting him up with a tank he can watch instead. 

I'm thinking a dirted 20 gallon.   A screen, partially covered to hold in humidity, and a UVB bulb during the day.   Some plants as well as leaves and branches etc.   Need to decide what kind of isopods to put with them and also some springtails.  

I'd love some input and if anyone has done similar, even for other species I'd love to see them!

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Sorry this pic is crappy, but here is my Eublaberus serranus set up. Several inches of coco fiber, oak bark and sticks. This is a 20 zoo med bearded dragon tank. The screen lid is 3/4 covered with plexiglass for humidity. The nymphs stay burrowed. They are quite active even with the lights on.


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