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startes with a roach inquiry

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So, since I could hear the neighbour mowing, I headed over there to tell him the hissers he sold me were doing well, and to ask if he had any other species.  He is a science teacher, and usually has something new, of some sort.  No roaches, unfortunately.  He did ask, "Do you still want that rabbit?"  He acquired a Flemish Giant a few years ago, and I take care of his barn animals when  he is away.  I loved that rabbit the first time I saw her.  He also has a Flemish male, but never got them to breed. 

They are both mine now.

Happy day.   You just never know where a roach will lead you.

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I never thought I would be breeding and selling roaches, but hear I am. The roach hobby is very addicting and very rewarding the deeper you go in the awesomer it  gets :) 

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