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Gasket Container

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So I bought some 6.6 gallon Gasket Containers for some hissing roaches .... I was curious to see pictures of your containers to see how you have ventilation holes. I thought about drilling holes but don't know what size drill bit to use to keep the nymphs in and from escaping.... looking for to opinions and pictures .. thank you ! 

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I don't have any pics of my current method of ventilation, but here's the steps:

1. Drill a hole or two in each end of the container with a 1.25 inch - 2 inch drill bit.

2. Smooth out the rough edges that are left around the holes with a small knife.

3. Get some pieces of appropriately sized mesh.

4. Place the mesh over the holes and melt it into place with a wood-burner . 

And you're done!

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