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How do I breed Red Runners (Shelfordella lateralis)

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Hello friends,

I wasn't sure about to start this thread, but maybe it could be useful for someone :-) 

I breed Red Runners using the same "cricket breeding model", and I've found that is a really organised way to breed this species.

I guess it begins with the harvesting of oothecae. Every some weeks I carefully take the most oothecae as possible away to the colonies tanks. Sometimes I do this at the same time of cleaning session in the colony, so I can replace the dirty substrate (free of oothecae) after that.


I use another bin with slightly moist substrate to put a layer of around one centimetre of Red Runner oothecae :-) 





At this point the growing tank should be ready for them to hatch and be free :-) I used to use crater pieces as ramps for them to get out of the incubator tupper by themselves; but mines use to be a little cowards and they takes their time to jump out of it. So I prefer to let the craters in and shake them out every some while







They are a lot, and in some weeks it will be necessary to divide the colonies into different tanks, I use to change the dirty substrate at this point again, is really easy when you don't have to be careful of discarting any oothecae :-)





And then they will have enough space to reach adulthood in a healthy way...





I use to do another complete cleaning of the tank before they start laying new oothecae... it makes such the work less chaotic ;-) 

And at this point I make "the purge" ... that means to take away the excess of males to reach a sex ratio of (in appearance) around 1 male for every 5 females... 





I use them all for the current tarantula´s feeding session... :rolleyes:

I leave a satisfying video of some of them here... 


...And well, from here the process start again... This way I keep my Red Runner colonies clean, separated by sizes and always ready to use!

Bye! :)

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9 hours ago, Guest Stroomschok said:

How do you separate the excess males from the females?

Put a football game on TV and set out some cold beer?

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On 4/2/2018 at 6:18 AM, Guest Stroomschok said:

How do you separate the excess males from the females?

I just do it one by one... hahaha

This step is not necessary... is just for the females to take more advantage over the resources inside the tuppers :-D 

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