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Ant formicarium for isopods/millipedes?

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So I really love the look of isopods and millipedes, but I want a pet I can see pretty much all the time. As they are burrowers that eat their substrate, I initially ruled them out. However, I recently came across a site that builds ant habitats- http://www.antscanada.com/. In their FAQ, they say, "Our formicaria are designed to mimic sub terrestrial habitats, so feel free to use our formicaria for your terrestrial spiders, beetles, larvae, worms, sow bugs, millipedes, centipedes, and all other insect pets you may adopt from under a rock outside."

To give you guys an idea of what their habitats look like, I'll attach pictures. What I'm wondering is could this sort of habitat by modified to become a millipede or isopod home? Could I just put the substrate in the "outworld", and maybe a bit in each chamber as well? I would be really excited if I could make this work!

Here are some examples of what AntsCanada has for sale:



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I am pretty sure that setup does NOT work for a number of ground invertebrates. Many of the more skittish species need objects to be under; otherwise they may show abnormal behaviors or stress. It may prove useful for some types though.

I have noticed that garden Armadillidium are surface active during all hours, including noon.


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