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Unusual things cockroaches eat

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So I thought this would be a fun thread. What unusual things have your roaches eaten? By this I mean things not on the typical menu. I'm forever trying new items and have had good success with: 

Dole dried fruit snacks (100% fruit)

Hardboiled eggs (including the shell)

Almonds & walnuts

Canned haricot beans


Hibiscus flowers*

Wild dandelion flowers & greens*

Red clover, white clover & alsike clover (but not hop or trefoil clover)*

Fresh maple leaves (hissers go nuts for these)*

And finally... Nacho Cheese Doritos Loco Tacos (supreme) from Taco Bell. My lats got a whole taco last year for Christmas, and they went insane. Ate everything except the sour cream. 


Things they won't eat: dried cranberries, tomatoes and kefir grains.

What interesting things have your roaches enjoyed? 


* Obligatory warning: These items are sourced from my property, which is pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fertilizer-free and large enough to avoid run off from neighbors. Use great caution and wash thoroughly before feeding any wild items to roaches.

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Flowers are very good as food for most roaches! Dandelions, roses, clovers, lilac... 

Acorns; pumpkin, squash, watermelon, melon seeds; soft ash and maple seeds...

Some (protein-loving) roaches readily take unfrozen fruit-flies, mealworms, dead inverts like theraphosid males...

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On 6/9/2018 at 5:13 PM, mehraban said:

dead inverts like theraphosid males...

I'll have to keep this in mind for my B. giganteus. They love their protein... They usually tend to any dead dubia or hissers in good time. 

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