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Care for Loboptera decipiens?

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Does anyone have experience with these? August ooths from WC adults have hatched, but the literature on their care is scarce/nonexiestent. Would love to get a breeding colony established because the adults would make perfect sling food.

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I have a well established colony of this species. 

At first I kept them too moist. I almost lost the colony at that time. 
After that I cranked up the temperature and start keeping them nearly bone dry.
Some misting every few days, sometimes a bit of water of water in a corner. Carrots, fish food, slices of apple... 
Cocopeat and crushed dried oak leaves. And that made the colony thrive. 

I now have taken away the heat source and I keep them at room temperature. They do great. 

So my conclusion is that these critters prefer a rather dry habitat with occasional mistings. Their reproduction accelerates with higher temperatures, but room temperature (and likely below that) works fine. 

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