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Invertebrate suggestions for vivariums.

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Hey all, I have got three vivariums that need filling, preferably with invertebrates of some kind. I would like a multi-species tank in there, and as you can see, they are mostly tropical. I was already thinking arboreal cockroaches (anyone know a good species or two?), amblypygi, orthopterans of some kind, terrestrial gastropods (slugs and snails), millipedes and other such stuff.
Any suggestions (please be specific)?

3.5 +- inches of substrate.
Bromeliad with pups center, pothos vine far right coming forward and looping over the bromeliad. I would like to get a chameleon vine for the pothos to wrap around eventually. Sphagnum moss and orchid flowers are on top of the substrate.
3.5 +- inches of substrate.
Lemon plant center-left, pachira back right, not visible but there is a small spider-plant in the front right. Cork bark piece back left. Sphagnum moss is covering the substrate.
"24x"19x"12, 20 gallon tall 
6+ inches substrate.
Bromeliad with pups left, fern back center, spider plant center middle. Upright wood branch in the center right. Not visible in the picture, but there is a small coconut half-hide in the back left corner. I would like to get some bamboo or another fern in the empty space to the back right. Sphagnum moss is covering the substrate. This one already Porcellionides pruinosus "Powdery Blue", Oxidus gracillis, and a healthy population of worms in it, with the latter two hitchhiking in with the plants. 

Substrate is invertebrate and reptile friendly, and all of these vivariums have been established for 4+ months or more.



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