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Blaberus gigantas not breeding?

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my Blaberus gigantas are not breeding iv had them for two months now and I got nothing I have two adults 5 sub adults and 20 nymphs. I might just need to wait until I have more adults but I just want to know some other issues that might be happening.

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I think you should exercise some more patience. 
Could be that: 

- The adults aren't ready yet to reproduce. 
- The adults are very old. 
- It takes at least two month for the eggs to be ready. So...
- Lower temperatures will result in longer hatching times. 
- Etc...

None the less, I'm often impatient myself when I have new roaches. And patience one must have with some species... 
Good luck with your roaches! 

Link to: Useful information about this species

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