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Ideas on how to collect P. americana from my school

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So I really want some americana for my collection but I canno find them anywhere besides my school. I can't afford to buy them online right now so this is my only option. Well today I found proof of an americana population in my school in the form of a deceased adult. I wanted to collect the body but it was a crowded hallway and I was too nervous to let everyone see me pick up a dead cockroach ūüėē
My only idea as to how I'd actually collect them would be talking to my counselor who is aware of my strange obsession. She said she sees "waterbugs" in her office in the mornings and described what sounded just like americana and now I have no doubt. But I can't just ditch class to find roaches and I can't really stay after and look. So that's my problem. I carry a specimen jar at all times in case I come across a live specimen. I'm pretty much desperate for some americana. So does anyone have any other ideas? Like where to look? Or maybe other locations that I could find them. I live in a small town in western Kentucky if that helps any. What about other signs to look for to tell me where the main population is? They seem to be in the area near the cafeteria. My counselors office is right before the cafeteria. She actually said she'd try to catch one for me. The issue with that is I've only seen her once since she actually isn't my normal counselor who I haven't seen at all this year. I guess I'm gonna have to arrange another meeting with her specifically unless anyone has any ideas. I hvae been here for a couple of years now and never found an adult but the way that counselor talked it sounds like there is a big population here.

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Build a trap? 

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