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Nymphs Unable to Complete Molt?

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My female hisser has given birth twice this year. I gave most of her first brood away, but I kept two. This was about six months ago, probably. She just had new babies two days ago  

Today, both of my previous juveniles molted. Or tried. I’ve been keeping the cage very warm and humid. They seem to be only partially molted on their backs... It’s been hours. Is there anything I can do besides put them out of their misery? They’re barely even moving at cage temp around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity...


What caused this? The stress of new babies since my colony had been so small? Lack of protein in diet? Just... Birth defects? Something else..? 

I’m heartbroken, but I want to prevent this from happening again if I can. I can add a picture later if it might help.

EDIT: Both of my older nymphs passed away, but I’ve only had one casualty from my current brood. I’m suspecting it was something to do with not getting enough protein... I’m going to look for a dog food with more protein than what I’m currently using. 

I’m also suspecting my female roach is a bumpy hisser instead of a common hisser. She’s colored very different from my little male. 

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