Hello all, the new Invertebrate Club of Southern California (ICSC, this will be the name of the club unless otherwise noted) is forming now! All hobbyists who can attend are welcome! This club will seek to increase the understanding and knowledge of invertebrates of all kinds (roaches, tarantulas, true spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, ants, butterflies, insects of all other kinds, isopods, crabs and other crustaceans, slugs and snails, Echinoderms, Cnidarians, and pretty much all other kinds of invertebrates: Note, this list is not arranged according to how much preference will be placed on discussing the various invertebrate groups above) amongst invertebrate hobbyists as well as the general public. We will have monthly meetings on such subjects as: (1) The care of certain species propagated in the hobby, (2) Creating and maintaining habitats, plants, and materials for our creatures, (3) Discussions on new species entering the hobby, (4) Discussions on certain aspects of the hobby, (5) Promoting understanding of the various regulations regarding importing and propagating certain species, (6) Reviewing invertebrate vendors, And hopefully, we will be able to host guest speakers to talk on various issues and aspects of this amazing hobby. We would also like to be able to display our own creatures at these meetings, and provide a space to trade and sell our livestock amongst each other. Some benefits of this club, hopefully, would be: 1. An area where we can get information and help from each other for the creatures within our care. 2. A fun time to collaborate and talk with each other about the invertebrate hobby. 3. Club trips to collecting sites. 4. Importing our own creatures from abroad. 5. Hosting a table at reptile/invertebrate shows and expos where members can sell their livestock. 6. Regular raffles for equipment and animals. 7. Outreaches to the community to educate the public on this incredible area of creation, invertebrates. 8. Make visits to each others homes to view their collections (with consent of the owner of course). Hopefully this list will get larger in time.   Requirements to join the club would be: 1. One must have an interest in invertebrates (obviously), whether just observing them in the wild or keeping them in captivity. 2. One must treat others in the club with respect and honor, even if you disagree with them on certain styles of care, collecting, or handling, and since this is an invertebrate club, religion, politics and other such subjects will not be discussed at all during club functions. 3. You must be in good standing with the invertebrate community, scammers or people who are found to cheat others will be stripped of their membership. Also, people who fight invertebrates against each other, dramatize invertebrates in a way that promotes fear and misunderstanding, or regularly mishandle their animals in a way that is dangerous to themselves or others, will not be allowed to join. Honesty and integrity are expected here. 4. A willingness to participate in club activities and to advance the invertebrate hobby with respect and kindness. (a note on communication: it would be helpful, if not necessary, to have an Arachnoboards and/or a Roach Forums account and an email address that we can reach you by).   This club will be law-abiding in every way possible. We will not illegally import nor take endangered species from the wild without the proper permits. A yearly entry fee will be discussed at the first meeting, and, if it is decided to be used, it would be reasonable ($20-$30 a year), and the money would be used to purchase raffle prizes, import animals, and rent tables at reptile shows. All members will hold each other accountable when it comes to money and other such things.   Our suggested first meeting time is February the 23rd, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, at IHOP, 7228 Archibald Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701. This would be a sort of planning and get-to-know-each-other meeting, figuring out where we want to go as a club, discuss entry fee (if necessary), and invite local reptile and invertebrate shops to support us. Also, you are encouraged to bring along your livestock to trade, sell, or display (not too many creatures, unless you are making a large trade arranged beforehand, and no highly venomous species please)!   Any suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks,   Arthroverts