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not necessarily just roach related but does anyone know anywhere to get cheap cork bark/log/wood hides? i keep meaning to get more but i cant justify spending ten bucks on amazon plus shipping for a stick. i would just go dig around locally and find something to boil or whatever but i dont trust anything i could get around here. im really just trying to find hides and logs or maybe big sticks for my roaches to play in as well as the new lizard friend who will be staying with me for awhile as a favor to a human friend. ive looked on a lot of pet websites but theyre either steep in price or just those logs that youd see at like...petco or something. im still slowing changing my set ups to be more naturalistic even though i am definitely not able to keep up with a bioactive tank. thanks!

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I buy small "leftover" chunks of cork bark at our local reptile show. You might check out something like that. Otherwise try eBay. A lot of people sell smaller driftwood, cork bark and cholla chunks by the box. It's still not cheap, but it's the most reasonable I've found. 

I have access to a range of bark, rotting wood chunks and sticks on my property. If you can't find anything else you like, send me a pm. I could probably put together a nice assortment for you for a reasonable price.

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