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So, I had two Madagascar hissing cockroaches. One passed away at 1 and a half years, but I still have one left. I want to keep it healthy, it’s my pet lol. So I have a few questions to keep an old cockroach the healthiest and happiest it can be

1. Do I need to buy another cockroach? As a “companion?” 

2. Would it benefit from a heat lamp?

3. What should I feed it? I currently feed it veggies and a mix of hamster and dog food

and is there anything else I could do to keep it healthy and prolong its life?

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They aren't really social. If it's old, another would probably just annoy it. 

Don't use heat lamps for roaches, they dry the habitat out and are unnecessary. If temps are going below mid 70s frequently, it'd be more comfortable if you get it a heat mat. Heat mats should go on the side of the tank, only on decent sized tanks, so there's a warm and cool area. 

That sounds like a good diet. I'd add in some dried hardwood tree leaves, ones that have naturally fallen from the tree. Oak is good.

Hissers aren't complicated, just keep doing that.

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