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Help picking species to keep

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I'm looking for 

- easy care/not sensitive/room temperature 25°C

- interesting to watch (at least like my current ones) 

- not the kind to swoop out of the enclosure the moment you open the lid

- wingless or flight lazy

- preferably no stinkers (my glowspots already have their smell, that's enough lol) 

- not a small species 


Already own: 

- Gromphadorhina hissers (some sort of oblongata hybrids)

- Warty glowspot roaches (wingardium leviosa-uhh I mean Lucihormetica verrucosa)


I definitely want the other two glowspot species currently in the hobby as they have pretty much the same requirements as verrucosa and if they're as active as well they're perfect. 

I am considering getting a Corydidarum species (maybe magnifica) but I'm not sure if they fit what I'm looking for, and I'm aware the males have wings. 


What species would you recommend to me? 

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Blaberus giganteus would fit your criteria (especially that last one). They do not fly upwards and cannot climb smooth surfaces. They do expel a musk, but it is usually only used when you mess with them. 

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Pseudoglomeris magnifica (formerly Corydidarum) fit your criteria pretty well, as I don't think the males are especially flighty. They are diurnal, beautiful, relatively easy to care for, however they do require temps above 75F° to breed normally. 

The three Therea species also fit your needs pretty well, and are much more easily obtainable. 

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