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Guest Mushroompizza

Blaberus giganteus as feeders

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Guest Mushroompizza

While it may not be the wisest choice for feeders, I decided to breed Blaberus giganteus to use as ‘pets’/feeders. I know that there are better options out there, but this is a species that I’m quite fascinated by and I don’t have a big collection that demands a large amount of feeders. I also am not in any pressure to start using them as feeders.

It started last year when I acquired about 50 or so nymphs. I had a lot of fun growing them up and they started to put on some size, then I was presented with the opportunity to do a trade for something I really wanted. The colony shrunk to 4 nymphs with the brightest cherry red wingbuds. I am hoping that this is a trait that can be passed down to their offspring. After examining the abdomen segments I knew that there were at least a male and a female in there, so I was hopeful.

Two males matured out within a week of each other and they immediately fought until one of them was dead. I wasn’t entirely surprised though. I think I should have separated them as the slightly better looking one was the one that didn’t survive. I got a female next and what’s interesting is that the last remaining nymph did two consecutive moults within about 10 days and is now an adult female as well. I am noticing that they don’t really eat that much as adults, I raised them on fruits and kibble. They don’t seem to touch the kibble at all anymore and what’s being eaten is far less than when they were nymphs. 

1.2 may not be the best way to start a breeder colony but I’m excited to see how this turns out.

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