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Domino roaches mating! And a slight malfunction.

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I caught these two in the process of making more roaches. Pretty neat to see, since the females only mate the once. 



Also found this little lady. At least, I'm guessing it's a lady based on the antennae. She's awful small, should really be at least a quarter inch longer and wider, and clearly her wings aren't right. I'm guessing they didn't expand properly. One wing is about the right shape and size, and then there's that other one, that I hope doesn't give her any trouble. She seems healthy enough otherwise, she's moving normally. Hopefully she's fertile. 

What causes this? Is she likely to just be a particularly small roach, or did something go wrong? They've had plenty of leaves and some occasional cat food and apple, and the others (a dozen or so) that I've had mature have all been fine.

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