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What CAN'T I feed my roaches?

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Hello everyone! 

I'm new to roach keeping, with (at the moment) two G. portentosa. (I say currently because my female is pregnant.) From what I've researched, it seems like pretty much everything is safe for them to eat, save for roach poison and pesticides. But I was wondering if there was anything less obvious that I should avoid giving to my roaches? Especially common household foods that I might give to my mice? 

I know other animals are susceptible to avocado, chocolate, etc., and mice don't do well with soy, so I was wondering if there were any foods that humans or other animals might eat that would be toxic for the roaches. 

Also, if I could have some tips about whether what I'm currently feeding them is good or not, that would be great. 

Currently feeding: 

-Fruit/veggies/food scraps 
-Mix of dry rat pellets + dry cat food 
-Fluker's cricket quencher gel for water 

I've been wanting to make a mix of my own that I can use for my pets, as well as potentially a feeder colony. I've considered adding Bug Burger and Roach Jellies to the mix, too. 

I'd love opinions from people with more experience! 


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From personal experience, I just try to avoid spicy or otherwise "volatile" foods, (like onion or garlic). And while not dangerous per say, I've noticed my roaches never really seem to eat tomatoes or strawberries with any vigor, and they just end up a big moldy mess, so I'd stay away from those too. 

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