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An FYI that I'm finding it fairly easy to make a gasket tub out of a normal Sterilite latching tub (like these).

All you really need is some foam insulation tape cut into strips that fit around the inner lid. The foam compresses quite a bit so the lid is able to still latch closed.

Waiting to see how the foam holds up over time, but so far this trick has worked well for me.

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It's worth noting that depending on the tub and fit of the tape you may have a few loose spots.

In addition to the built in latches I also added a few binder clips to the unlatched sides to tighten the seal.

so far a Gyna Centurion male has reached the gasket and has not been able to breach it.

Not sure how smaller species like P. nivea would fare, but I would probably use a premade gasket tub in that case.


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