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Genetic deformities

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OK, so it seems it was determined that the segment deformity occurs in many roach species and, since several of the photos were of adults, it apparently does not stop them from maturing.

I agree that such a roach should be culled or kept as a pet only but... my question is this - has anyone ever tried breeding such a roach under controlled conditions, to see if this type of deformity is a dominant trait or just a random mutation?

I would also be interesting in finding an answer to the question posed by BugManPrice - does this only occur in captivity or has it been seen in the wild? I think that answer would help us to better understand if it is ACTUALLY a genetic level defect, or if it is a dietary/environmental issue...

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Has anybody seen this on a roach, or anything else for that matter, in a wild specimen or just captively raised?

Good question I've wondered the same thing, but I've never seen a wild tropical species to know.

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