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Michael Johnson

My new feeder mix for Blaptica Dubias

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I love my Dubia and have been hunting and reading around for the best all around feeder for them and found that there really isn't one!

I've read everything from people throwing in items not fit for human consumption to totally organic fruits and veggies..

Knowing that they need high protein diet (different from many species of roach) I started my search.

Ferret food was mentioned a lot so I looked around and found, Pretty Pets ,"Natural Gold" - it's 50% crude protein, then I went through dog and cat foods from soup to nuts and found, All natural - Good Life Recipe Catfood at 34% crude protein, and finally add Cody's ProGutload (progeckos.com) I've used it for over a year for my mealies and crix as gut load. It's great and has 20% crude protein and a ton of everything else they need; plus they already love it by itself...

Each of these are loaded with vitamins and minerals but I add a bit of Vionate (all around multi vitamin and mineral) and blend the whole mix for ease in scooping and even distribution of each ingredient.

Of course I still throw in some romaine, orange slices, or bananas once or twice a week. But this seems to be great mix and costs around 30 bucks and yields enough for at least 6 months.


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