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  2. You guys are crazy! Box cutters and chisels?! A scrap piece of smooth plywood as backing with a simple clamp to prevent the work piece from moving is all you need If you want to make circular holes or use a drill bit. Different materials have a learning curve and plastics like plexiglass, lexan, hdpe, and ldpe will crack when cold. The trick is heating it up till it’s got just a little bit of give to it. You can use a hair dryer or just put the whole piece in a oven and set to low. Brad point bits are best for smooth clean holes as they eat away the material more evenly. But still
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  4. I'm about to buy one of the different types of banana roaches, but can't decide yet. It seems like there are 4 varieties in regular circulation. I've read all the information i can find, and am looking for some first hand info from people who keep them. Right now i'm leaning towards Panchlora nivea, or the yellow. Panchlora nivea Panchlora sp. “Costa Rica” Panchlora sp. “Costa Rica” Yellow Panchlora sp. “Giant” Is there anything better, or worse about each? Please feel free to add in any information you know. Differences in care, feeding? Harder, or easier to keep? Do
  5. That makes sense! I've got a rotary cutter that I can use for cutting ventilation and actually have some heat resistant aluminum screen on hand that I got to upgrade my dubia bin. I've seen lots of mom and pop shops that do signage and stuff so I'll check there and at a hardware store. Didn't know that about plexiglass; I'll keep that in mind if heating needs to go on top. Thanks, this has all been very helpful in getting some ideas for set ups!
  6. Given how much Hissers climb I would not recommend a sliding lid at all. (Honestly I wouldn't recommend such lids for most roaches, I recently rehoused out of such a tank in fear of crushing nymphs). I have kept hissers without bug barrier or anything like that, and have done so either in a glass tank with a fit lid like this (with a sheet of mesh underneath the lid) or in a large foam sealed breeder bin. For the latter I will cut out the center of the lid and hot glue mesh to form a covering (ideally two layers). Depending on the bin, an additional sheet of mesh can also be placed between the
  7. Hi! Yes I agree they do crack though they are really convenient. I can get away with a heavy duty boxcutter on some bins but others need a power tool or they crack. I'm also extremely apprehensive about putting heating elements on plastic directly such as pads. They're known to malfunction, even on a thermostat, and would start a fire at worst, and at the least cook the colony. I know people do it but it makes me nervous so I use heat emitters that sit away from the top of the bin and my dubia love it. Haha I know that was off topic. I'll have to check out the screen, as I'd love something tha
  8. Plastic bins are very prone to cracking when you cut the holes. I've been heating up a 3/4" chisel to melt through, and make a large rectangle opening. Then using epoxy to glue a (larger) steel screen over the hole. It takes me about 30 minutes per bin to set up, and works very well. Here is the stainless screen I use. $10 US. You can cut into pieces and make 9-12 bins depending on the vent size you want. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088H3VWNV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Madagascar hissers, sorry for being unspecific!
  10. What type of roaches do you have? For non climbing varieties I've used 2" packing tape. It's much too slick for them to climb. You just need to be careful of where the tape ends. Small nymphs can sometimes climb this portion.
  11. Order stainless steel micro mesh either 100 or 150 it’s available on eBay. A small roll will be plenty. Unfortunately most hardware stores don’t sell such specialty materials. In terms of getting it made for you. You can try looking for a shop that does signs in plastic. They can cut plexiglass, glass, or twin wall plastic. A small mom and pop place is usually happy to help out for minimal cost. But do remember you must frame plexiglas in metal, or else it will warp when heated. Glass and twin-wall will not warp so that might be a easier option for you. Yes I would definitely cut a v
  12. Thanks for the advice! I was most concerned with H. palliata as I want to keep them secure but still allow them ample light as they're day active; plus I'd love to watch them. Would you cut a ventilation hole for mesh in the plexiglass lid or just drill holes? Would I go to hardware store to get something like that made? I'm a beginner in DIY stuff and own a power tool or two but I'm no bob the Builder haha.
  13. While opening my cockroaches’ terrarium(sliding lid, it’s the CREATURES low profile) I accidentally crushed a nymph! Oh no! Again, I really hate Vaseline and want to avoid using it, can anyone recommend a way to stop this happening in the future? I love all these little dudes and I’m a little afraid to open the tank anymore.
  14. My advice for the smaller fast climbing species that are prone to escape would be make an enclosure with a big door and smaller access ports, that way you can manage the cage easily and still be able to do a tear down when needed. Personally I like glass tanks. You can make a escape proof lid out of plexiglass or polycarbonate that sits inside the lip of the tank. Especially for a day active sp like H palliata. That way you can enjoy watching them without risk for escape. There is a balance that needs to be achieved for the small humidity loving species. A range of moisture and tempe
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  16. Hi all, I do research in animal behavior. I just finalized my first publication with cockroaches and wanted to share. See: https://www.mdpi.com/2075-4450/12/4/339 The article is open access, so its free for everyone. To give a simple summary, we studied the tendency of orange head cockroaches (my fav so far) to startle when lights are turned on or turned off. We call it the light-startle response (LSR). I'm really interested in how animals learned, so we used the LSR to study basic habitation learning. That is, the more you present a light-change stimulus, the less they respond to it. We
  17. I bought two roaches from my local petco, thinking they were both males and that I would have some trouble getting a decent colony built this way, then the male escaped and I thought I was finished. but today while checking on my (apparent) lady She hissed at me and a bunch of babies crawled out from under her! I had to go and get an enclosure that they can’t escape (I dislike the Vaseline method) but I’m just jumping for joy at the miracle of a lone hisser giving birth! 18 babies! I’m so proud!
  18. Rebecca77 How are they doing now? They look more than 7-8 months old in that picture unless that leaf is really small.
  19. I don't think they're booklice because booklice don't burrow. I've had booklice get in a few cages from dried-out bark covered with lichen colleted locally. If they get too wet or the lichen runs out they die out. The bark species are about the size of a fruit fly as adults and a colony lays down a lot of webbing which can strangle very tiny babies of other creatures and there's little chance they'd be useful for anything other than observation. I've seen some tiny, yellow things that are much smaller that are probably booklice but they are also hydrophobic and not good cleaners.
  20. Yeah I feel the same haha. My roaches all seem to like it across the board.
  21. My dubias don't seem to mind cucumbers, I've never heard of a dislike of the skins before... This rumor is probably from one of those fake "life hack" channels lol
  22. I got dubias from the same brand... they are super slow growing and they were kept with no hides or food. The hissers are terribly hybridised, only 1 or 2 inches instead of 3. It's so sad...
  23. @FlamingSwampert Nice name btw! I love the Hoenn starters. Sceptiles my fave but I love Swampert too!
  24. Love Orin's books btw! I also own the Isopods one and the small centipede handbook. Never knew centipedes ate fruits until I read it. Sure enough, my Vietnamese Giant loved a banana treat the other night.
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