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  2. Biological Hobbies is a server directed to hobbies that involve any form of life. We have kind and friendly members who are fairly active, and we hope that you will join us! We have many, many channels to get involved in, including plants, animals, fungi, moss, and other similar things. Thanks! - Joopes https://discord.gg/7d56sRMhrALet me know if this is not allowed on this forum
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  4. Hi! I just got confirmed and I’m happy to be here I have three hissers at the moment, and I’m raising them as pets. I found the community while my fourth one of the bunch had a health problem and what I assume a problem with molting, and passed away and I was trying to find answers to what was wrong. I have a few questions since I’m still very new to this. how can I tell my roaches are going to molt soon? What kind of humidity is ideal, I don’t have anything to measure it but currently have been misting the enclosure around twice a day. And then maybe a bit of a morbid question I might
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath for change for the pet industry. I don’t know how much they would be willing to share if you are you were to acquire them for research with a university. Perhaps as dead specimens for pinning. Your best bet is finding someone to ship you ootheca by mail. But they do require more attentive husbandry then most. By far most roaches can be kept like geckos with no hotspot but Polyzosteria as a genus do best with a hotspot like varanids or agamas. If you can spare the change I recommend getting Cockroaches of Australia by David Rentz.
  6. I really only use jelly cups as a source of extra moisture. Otherwise, I provide fruits and veg along with fish food that they really seem to like. They don't seem to eat much, but I'll find hidden fish food from time-to-time.
  7. I call my flat horned hisser the Tank Lord because he is very bossy and has the tank to himself. He is a very spoiled roach. Other names I've had were a pair of males called Creepy and Crawly xd
  8. I second the above opinion. I have a small colony of about 22 and they really don't make a lot of noise. They make more noise when you pet them or pick them up, but it's still not that loud. I hope you enjoy your new pets!
  9. Dear Colleagues: I have recently acquired some rather large 80x60x42 cm (31.5x23.6x16.5 ") stackable plastic boxes. I had intended to move my Eublaberus spp "Ivory" there but have found that there is condensation. I do not want to open new holes because I do not want to leak or weaken the walls, since four boxes are stacked in each column. When I bought the boxes I was thinking of placing 15 cm of substrate for the nymphs and vertical egg cups or bark for adults, but the condensation is probably forcing me to change species. Someone suggest me some species with these requirements: -
  10. Finally got some of my pinned bugs framed, before they were just thrown into one big frame. It was worth the wait to display them like this! Hopefully I’ll be able to frame the others soon. All specimens were collected from breeders after a natural death, were raised by me, or were found dead in the wild. Enjoy!
  11. That’s incredible! Now I wanna shine a light over my bugs to see who else glows...
  12. Does anybody know what species these are?
  13. Do you think that Australia will ever make its laws lax enough that we ca keep Polyzosteria mitchelli? Why or why not?
  14. Wow, what a milestone! Happy belated birthday Roachforum and thanks to all that have brought it this far! 😄
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  16. 22 years online is quite a feat! Happy Birthday Roachforum
  17. Glad to have you! @Hisserdude made a great care sheet on Arenivaga, with some specifics on A.genitalis, if you'd like to give it a read. 🙂 Invertebrate Dude Caresheets: Arenivaga spp. (idcaresheets.blogspot.com)
  18. Roachforum is the oldest of the existing invertebrate forums. Thanks to every member and especially Peter of BIC for keeping it alive. The costs and competing groups that come and go could easily have fizzled it out without such support.
  19. Welcome! Arenivaga are pretty easy to keep in a cage with solid sides, a vented lid, a few inches of sandy soil and some leaf litter. They will eat very tiny amounts of dog food and fruit too.
  20. Hi there. I have both males and females and they are pretty quiet. Only every once in a while will my boys make a quiet hiss. Some of my girls hiss as well. But both the boys and girls are pretty quiet. I don't think they would be an issues sound wise.
  21. Hi there I'm Bandi, long time invert lover and keeper from Southern Arizona. I was never really fond or roaches, more of a phobia actually, until I was given a starter colony of Gromphadorhina portentosa. I'm now hooked. I ended up also rescuing a group of Dubia nymphs that were in a pre packaged, sealed container at a big box store. I use their offspring as feeders for my 2 tarantula slings. I also now have a large group of Pycnoscelus nigra, and have one adult female Arenivaga genitalis that I'm going to be getting a male for in the summer when they come out to my lights. (crossing fi
  22. Hi guys. Over the last few months I've fallen in love with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and I'd love to have some. However, I have a roommate and he's concerned about the noise they would make. I know males tend to be noisy, but if I get only females (2 or 3) would they make alot of noise?
  23. Hey guys! I'm extremely excited to announce that All About Arthropods is officially on YouTube! If you'd like to see more fun and educational content on an array of amazing arthropod life, consider hitting that subscribing button and notification bell to get the newest videos as soon as they drop! 😃
  24. Hi, I've seen an offer with Melanozosteria nitida and i cant find any information about keeping them. How does it look like, are they very hard to keep?
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