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  2. Personally, I just use a small (5 or 10 watt) UTH stuck to the back side of my roach bin. It boosts the ambient temperature in the bin enough to get production going, but also gives them a warm area they can get closer to or farther away from. I also have a bunch of ventilation holes drilled in the lid to allow excess heat to escape.
  3. Thank you!! I definitely will ! The world needs more Perisphaerinae!
  4. Hi everyone! I was just wondering what is the best brand/"model" heat mat and thermostat for roaches. I was also wondering what would be the best way to attach the thermostat to the heat mat. Thanks, and have a great day!
  5. Wow, super cool! Hope you can get them established and distributed!
  6. Yeah, what @RosenKrieger said, people are getting around it by talking in code lol. Also, FB still lets some invert business pages post ads.
  7. And the correct answer is...............Danaus plexippus (the Monarch Butterfly)!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Technically they did. people get around it by saying things like: "I have such-and-such. PM me" As long as there isn't a price in the post or the words selling or buying, they can get away with it.
  10. A little off topic, but I guess it's my own thread to derail lol... I don't have any social media other than belonging to a few forums. You said facebook groups sell roaches? I thought I heard FB banned the selling of any animals, inverts included?
  11. Despite my sleepiness after a crazy week, we all had a great time discussing mantids, roaches, ants, Triops, and all manner of other invertebrates (and a few vertebrates...) at this past January meeting. Though I unfortunately did not have the new T-shirt design ready in time, we did take advantage of our ability to share our collections via video: MrGhostMantis showed us his Deroplatys truncata, Hierodula membranacea, and Heterochaeta orientalis, sgvmantid showed us his two Stagmomantis limbata, and I showed some of my roaches and beetles. We also got to meet two new club members, XxSpiderQue
  12. So nice to have another Perisphaerus in culture, I hope yours continue to do well for you! 😄
  13. Just to inform that Invertebrate Dude has helped tremendously to get an ID on these roaches. Thank you! Based on the location, male to female size similarities, female ventral abdomen with short yellow hairs, also matching the description from the Perisphaerinae Revision Paper, he pointed out that he thought it is Perisphaerus punctatus. Now onto to get these established in the hobby. My colony is doing very well, and now I need to think about scaling up the enclosure. I like this setup a lot, its very practical and functions very well but it
  14. Last week
  15. Hi Allpet Roaches thank you so much for your message ok will do I’ll put the thermometer probe on top of the substrate where the heat mat is which is about half way across the tank at the mo it’s between 86f and 88f is this ok for a ground temperature? Your reply is very much appreciated warmest regards from karen
  16. I think it should be close to the heat mat so you get a good reading to avoid hot spots.
  17. Hi everyone hope you are all good can anyone please let me know how far down the tank the thermostat probe should be as I use an heat mat and a mat stat and I’m not sure I’m putting the probe in the correct place also I have a digital thermometer with a probe and I could really use some help please with where the correct place should be for the thermometer probe I look forward to hearing from you soon regards Karen
  18. I have a female Madagascar hissing cockroach that for the past few weeks has been holding here exoskeleton open and pulsating her bottom. It looks like she is pinching her rectum(?). Has anyone seen this behavior before? She lives in a large colony, so we're not 100% sure of her reproductive status. She also doesn't have a great appetite at the moment. Thanks! Cockroach Abdomen 60001 - 13 Jan 2021.MOV
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  20. Are untreated hardwood boards safe to use in roach bins? Is antisapstain treated lumber safe to use in invertebrate enclosures or is it not a concern? Looking for an inexpensive alternative to cork bark and egg flats (both are impossible to find here) for a potential Archimandrita tesselata bin. Thanks everyone.
  21. Super cool! I wish this species was in culture, so best of luck in getting them established! Their wings are pointer than other Therea sp. in the hobby, and their blotches look awesome (at least the photos on Google look nice)! Keep us updated!
  22. OMG, I was JUST thinking about this species last night, hoping they'd be in culture one day! What a coincidence! Hope they breed well for you, and that they find their way into US culture soon!
  23. Wow, congratulations! That is a very attractive looking species. I hope they do well for you, we need more specimens in culture. Thanks, Arthroverts
  24. That's awesome! Best of luck with establishing your culture!
  25. Hi i just loved the bit about when you knocked your temporary holding tub over I did laugh 😆 you made my day especially when your wife wasn’t very impressed I could just imagine what she was like I think you’re a star ⭐️ and I bet you did learn your lesson 100% I’m just really after some info on the baby Madagascar hissers I mean what colour are they so that I can keep a look out for them cuz I definitely know I’ve got mature males and females and do you have to provide calcium like cuttlefish for their exoskeleton I could really do with some info thank you from Karen
  26. Hi My Madagascar hissers love fruity roach chow from a company called bugznbits and there website is bugznbits.co.uk or you can buy from eBay it’s quite cheap aswell mine love dandelion leaves when I put these in they’ve gone in seconds also coriander leaves and stem fruit wise they seem to love apple best of all but what I was thinking of doing is a fruit cocktail you know grate some sweet potato, apple, coriander leaves chopped, grated carrot and just see what’s left if anything at least then by giving them a mixture they can pick for themselves what they like and then you’ll know I ha
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