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  2. Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ˜„ Interesting, if they are the "Gold" strain, ask if there's any more specific locality information! All I know is these came from China, no more specific locality other than that.
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  4. my two larvae just came in from bugsincyberspace! i also ordered a gromphadorhina oblongonota nymph that is stunning as well, but im definitely excited to get into the beetle side of things. i have to try and get some nicer pictures of them sometime soon. thank you to everyone who has shared their information and care, you all continue to give me confidence to care for the creaturea i love! and of course thanks peter for all the amazing work you do/services you provide!
  5. just found out about these beauties, picking some up soon! thanks to everyone who answered twilightroach's questions!
  6. Just read your new blog post. Funny story! Wish you best of lucks with these ! I am at the moment discussing the purchase of some P.magnifica as well from Mainland China, not sure if they are the greens or these golds... I will let you know once i get more news. I will also ask for more information from Chinese keepers about these gold ones. I will share asap. Cheers!
  7. Hi :). Iโ€™m a mod (Make all the jokes you want) in the invert discord bughub. It is a very active community with over 860 members and is constantly growing! It is very active with hundreds if not thousands of messages per day. Itโ€™s a great place to meet new people, sell/buy bugs, learn more about insects and get a fast reply on questions you may have. join with the link https://discord.gg/3AByURJfNK I hope to see you there. Feel free to ping me if you get in or say hi, my username is Immanus.
  8. Very similar to Pseudoglomeris magnifica, but noticeably smaller and with several little differences that could make this an undescribed subspecies or something... Adult females:
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  10. @Cariblatta lutea has kept this species before, and may be able to help you out. They may need a winter diapause, but I'm not sure...
  11. Could try increasing cross ventilation if the egg flats are getting ratty or you can do what I do and just drive to your nearest IHOP and ask for some more haha
  12. Thank you! It seems I will have to plan and design their final enclosure properly ! I want to use them both as feeders and pets depending on their reproduction speed. I am located in South China region, and I acquired them from one of the Chinese keepers up North. I can give you the contact privately, but at this moment, I believe is not a good time to buy, North China is already cold for an international shipment, locally still ok, as packages take only few hours to start their way down South were temperatures are still at 25C.
  13. My male adult australians would run to the top of the enclosure any time I opened it but I dont know if that translates well to your species in question. Either way I had no problem with them when I used liberal amounts of vasoline along the sides of my enclosure. Also just curious where you acquired your nymphs if you dont mind me asking it would be fun to try keeping a small handful of these guys
  14. I have started Periplaneta colonies with the local pest species before, and I always found them to go crazy at feeding time. They would choose the most inopportune times to start running up and down the walls. As I recall, the nymphs were less chaotic, and I think they also climbed less because the adults were the ones trying to test my reaction time when opening the tank to add food. I never spent much time observing them because they were just a pest species I was raising to feed amblypygi, but the nymphs being poor climbers would be consistent with what I remember about the colonies.
  15. I decided to read through this thread to see if anyone had come up with a cheaper alternative to cork bark (besides heavy lumber), and while it seems the answer is no, origami is one of the most original ideas I have heard of for a roach tank. Unfortunately, the only origami I can make is tactical origami (paper airplanes). Coincidentally, I came on the forum to look for ideas for helping my red runner colony. I have the opposite problem: they are far too dry. If your colony is so moist that it is causing cardboard egg flats to decay, then it may not be helping the roaches. While my t
  16. This weekend I received 10 small nymphs of Periplaneta japonica. This is my first Periplaneta species. I was always very fearful of jumping into Periplaneta because of their looks, speed, climbing abilities, etc... but after receiving these beauties, I think I was mistaken. Images They are super chilled nymphs... they are not bolty at all. I managed to have one nymph staying put on the same place, while i took photos for at least 10 minutes. One thing that I didn't expect was that these nymphs are poor climbers ๐Ÿค” ... it was awkward Lets hope they remain like this while
  17. I've read that fresh peanut butter will glow under a black light too! But I've yet to test it out. It seems that at least one Cubaris species will glow too: (Cubaris sp. โ€˜Blonde Rubber Duckyโ€™ from dartknightexotics reddit page)
  18. Hello all, the meeting is this Saturday (21st), and we're pushing back the start to 11:00 and going to 12:30. We will be meeting on Skype. Since we take a break from meeting in December this is the last club meeting of 2020. We will be having our Thanksgiving-for-Christmas-in-November event at this meeting, and as such only club members are allowed to attend. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  19. I tried all my big species and never saw a hint. I never thought to look at either Trichorhina.
  20. I used to "add new blood" to my colonies but tbh I have not really noticed any improvements. Dont think its necessary imo, but I have not had any issues adding hissers into an established colony
  21. They can, but Ive never had an issue with it. If your T molts tho thats a big unnecessary risk just take it out if the Tarantula isnt interested imo
  22. Well seeing as how Im buying from you ill take it as theres nothing to worry about. I had australiasae that got dumped on me a few years back so if their care is basically the same it should be fine I suppose
  23. I've had issues with Periplaneta australiasiae eating ootheca, but my americana don't seem to have this problem. My colony seem fine on egg crate. Granted I do have a thin layer of substrate and moss in the enclosure for added humidity. I know another keeper has his on egg crate as well, but not sure if they have problems long term with it. Mine seem ok after having them for over 6 months. They do degrade over time of course and with the added humidity, they may become a bit soggy/molded.
  24. I was told by someone that P. americana tend to eat the ootheca and do not do well in setups with egg crates. Had not heard that before but just wanted to ask you guys on here if this is truly the case. Thanks
  25. Nice!! Sadly, hissing cockroaches are totally boring under blacklight, but in the process of finding that out, I did discover that dry-roasted peanuts fluoresce disturbingly well 0.o
  26. Is there anything I can add to my enclosure to help control fruit flies? Does anything eat them that won't eat roaches? I try to give my hissers lots of fresh fruit (they LOVE oranges) and it attracts fruit flies more or less instantly. I have a fruit fly trap in the cage (tub of grape juice and soap with holes in the top) but it doesn't catch nearly enough. I realize the flies probably aren't bothering the roaches, but they're bothering *me* ๐Ÿ˜‰
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