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  1. There have been at least five different "princisia" stocks brought in that are far more different looking from each other in morphology and coloration than oblongonota and portentosa. Nobody has documented the geographic populations so saying disjunct doesn't mean anything. We simply assume they come from different valleys or mountains because they are different from each other and wild populations are known to vary from one area to the other in Madagascar. If a taxonomist creates a new genus based on an unstable character (say the hisser notch or the height of a human) and the species is not identifiable from it, nobody can use the description to identify a specimen.
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  2. Thanks Hisserdude. I've starting misting the whole enclosure but I came across another dead juvenile today, and an aborted ooth. I'm going to try adding some more holes for ventilation, besides that I can't imagine what's causing this.
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