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  1. Hey there! The things to keep in mind with most gyna species is temperature and humidity in my experience. Gyna centurio need to be kept at a minimum in the upper seventies range but will thrive and grow faster in the low eighties (80-82 would be optimal). A nice deep substrate that would hold moisture is needed for nymphs to burrow and relieve stress. Keep in mind to not flood the substrate as good ventilation is also needed (don’t want a swamp in there that would prove to be disastrous), mist the substrate one to two times a day thoroughly as needed. A good, deep coconut fiber bedding with dead hardwood leaves or lots of hides will do nicely. Make sure to not pack the bedding in as good aeration will be needed, always think no swamp, no swamp in your head as stated above hahah. Finally gyna LOVE Fruit and provide a roach protein source (I like fish flakes for my roach species) and I think you’ll be Golden 😊
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