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  1. Tex

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Yes I do. They’re a great, easy species.
  3. Hello everyone. I was *directed* here from MantidForum by Orin’s announcement to check out the new software. Looks like there is a great crowd on this forum! I don’t keep anything other than mantids, but I have a couple friends that have roach colonies and they say I should have a go at it, but I already have enough hobbies as it is. Here’s a little about me: My name is Joel. I live in Southern California. I am a geography major and a biology minor (I can’t wait to take my university’s entomology class). I live in a high desert region that experiences extremes when it comes to weather. I grow a couple of carnivorous plants (mainly Venus Flytraps). What else… oh yeah, I like to read horror fiction. I probably will be reading more than I will be posting around here. I hope I learn a thing or two… LOL! See you around. -Joel
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