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  1. hey everyone just posting some info and resources here. I recently purchased some bulk fish flakes online for my roach colonies and these guys are eating them up like it's candy. I had them eating some dog kibble but they didn't seem to eat much if any. so I thought I'd try something else and bingo!! I feel like I found the holy grail lol. well here's a link to what I purchased. the picture of it is brown but they came in red if that makes any differencw. http://m.ebay.com/itm/261387612141 pretty cheap for $8.85 for a 1/2 lb. I bought it as a test run but I will be buying a bigger bag very soon. allike of my 10+ species of roach love this stuff.
  2. it's not recommended but I'm sure you can. although it would be a nightmare to sort them out. I just mixed my b.Atropos and B.dubia since there is absolutely no chance of hybridization and I'm going to be using them as feeders anyways.
  3. maybe you got seriously unlucky and got all males or females? I had Pallids for a bit and holy cow I was shocked with how quick they reproduced. my tarantula slings loved them. try to give them some orange, might be worth a try
  4. that's pretty cool that you have tested it yourself not many people have a record of it. I myself have powered my Tarantula slings, I have noticed significant growth from slings that were in the 85° range and fed every 3 days. compare to slings that came from the same sac that were in room temp enviroment being fed once per week. although I don't have a death record of them as I sold them. I wonder if temp effects the brood size and gestation time of a roach. I.E. lower temps create bigger broods and nymphs since they have more time to grow or higher temps make smaller broods and nymphs since everything is pretty much rushed. or maybe temps don't effect gestation at all. idk now I'm rambling lol
  5. I've always wondered if there is a way or food that will power feed roaches. as with Tarantulas and other reptiles you can n powerfeed/overfeeding and increase Temps to stimulate growth. some people think that it shortens the lifespan but in the case of roaches is there anyway or thing that anyone has noticed that will increase the growth rate.
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