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  1. A few of my femail hissers are a bit darker than the others and than they used to be could it be a sign there going to molt soon
  2. Those are the (halloween hissers) right they are awesome looking I thought about getting them but these became avali me first so that's what I got I'm new to Roach's and I'm not sure but madagaskars are live dearers so to speak and unless you happen to catch it at the right time when she has the otheca extended you really wouldn't know unless you keep a detailed measure of there waist line LOL hope some one can help you get it figured out
  3. OK hisser not sure how to post on this sit elet me see if I can figure it out or I'll just post them on aracnobors its easy to post there
  4. Have to large male Madagascar hissers and five what I thought were juvenile females I heard some where that hissers only hiss as adults if that's the case then my females are adults but very much smaller than the males is that correct or do I have two different types of hissers
  5. Jerry


    Thanks yea that would suck expexialy since I really don't know how old the males are
  6. Jerry


    Got my females hissers they weren't what a was expecting they are juveniles o well they will grow up
  7. Jerry


    Thanks and will update soon
  8. Jerry


    How's it HD , I'm excited tomorrow I get to go pick up .y female hissers not sure how many thinking like 4 would be good to go with the two males I have already and then let the colony begin
  9. Jerry


    That's what I was thinking I'll have to get more info on how there kept next time I talk to him
  10. Jerry


    Hello every body just started in the roach hobby got a pair of male hissers and by the end of the week should have my females there abults and I was wondering what's the likely hood that one or more of my females well already be preg
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