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    Collecting and pinning insects for display. I also like to hunt and fish. I also own 5 Tarantula but am on the hunt for other invert pets. :)

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  1. entity


    Any advice on what to do to get rid of grain mites? Thanks.
  2. I just started too. I have a pretty small collection. I build myself a big 3 foot by 3 foot oak case. I only have like 50 or so specimens right now on display, but always looking!
  3. So I need to put some leaves in with my roaches and my isopods. My question is, do they have to be dried out and dead leaves? or can i just pluck them from my maple trees out front and put them in green? I want to wash them, so if they have to be dried out, how would i wash them without them crumbling?
  4. Anything that strikes my fancy really. I have a few spiders in alcohol. and a small parasitic wasp in alcohol. But mainly pinning them is what I like to do. I have some moths and butterflies and grass hoppers and beetles.
  5. Right. thats the only thing i dont like about pickin stuff up outside. but really anything we get we dont know what it went through before we use it.
  6. The room ive got all my inverts in the light is usually off. I mean it get sunlight through the curtains and stuff during the day. But ive read that maybe important to some bugs, so they have a sense of night and day.
  7. I have not really had a lot of problems with mold with dog food. When i feed i usually mist the enclosure before i set the food back in.
  8. What are u getting? just out of curiosity, I collect dead specimens too.
  9. maybe its the flavor of the red ones they prefer.
  10. If its safe and meant for pet rats i dont see why it would be too bad for ur roaches. I mean i don t see the difference feeding that or dog food or fish food like most of us do.
  11. Hmmm. my E posticus eat in swarms but only when i leave the room and the light is off. When i come in the room they r all over stuff but soon scatter after the light gets turned on.
  12. thats good to know. I have 2 giant norway maples in my front yard!
  13. Sounds pretty good to me! They r definitely getting a nice diet!
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