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  1. Cool! Do you have a reletively big collection? I have a small one because I just started

    I just started too. I have a pretty small collection. I build myself a big 3 foot by 3 foot oak case. I only have like 50 or so specimens right now on display, but always looking! :)
  2. So I need to put some leaves in with my roaches and my isopods.

    My question is, do they have to be dried out and dead leaves? or can i just pluck them from my maple trees out front and put them in green? I want to wash them, so if they have to be dried out, how would i wash them without them crumbling?

  3. Anything that strikes my fancy really. I have a few spiders in alcohol. and a small parasitic wasp in alcohol. But mainly pinning them is what I like to do. I have some moths and butterflies and grass hoppers and beetles.

  4. sorry I couldn't send a better mix :-(

    Hey Thomas no problem man! I didnt mean it negatively at all!! I wasnt even expecting them. they were a very welcome surprise! :) I love them. I was just saying they arent going to breed cause those guys were saying that was only a temporary enclosure solution until they started breeding.

  5. Eublaberus is semi-predatory, but it seems like isopods would be left alone because the roaches won't be able to get through their shells!

    I picked up a starter colony of Eublaberus posticus at an expo over the weekend. I guess we'll see how they do for me!

    Cool! share ur notes with me and i will as well. Im just starting with these guys as well. :)

  6. That might work ive seen the large pet spieces packed tight but there will be loses from canabalism, mismolts, etc. A 5 gal is a good short term solution just plan to give them more space as they start to reproduce. These are very different then feeder spieces that thrive on being close together. I know in crickets when thier antenna touch it causes a stress responce if its to frequent. Some roaches are very similar haveing "battles" just by hiting thier opponents antenna with thier own. Hissers are well known for these terratorial disputes. In general tree and cave dwelling roaches are more teratorial then leave litter/ground dwelling roaches. Hopefully others will chime in to confirm this cause I dont want to come across as a negative nancy lol I just want you to have the best possible expierence raiseing this fun speices. :)

    No problem, I appreciate the input. I dont think reproduction will be a problem either. I have 4 adults (they r males) and 1 very small nymph and 2 larger ones. I dont think that will be enough to get a colony going.

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