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  1. Cool! Thanks guys! I have 2 huge norway maples out in front of my house! Thats convinient. lol
  2. Does it matter what kind of leaves I use for isopods and roaches? Do different roaches need different leaves? I know to avoid cedar and pine.
  3. Well if the isopods get eaten then thats just a little snack for them right? lol
  4. So, I just recieved some Blaerus giganteus today. Was a few adults and 2 or 4 big nymphs. Soon after I put them all in there a large nymph started to molt. And I went back in to check on it a couple of minutes ago and the other roaches had eaten most of....what gives with this? I know E. prosticus are favmous for eating each other. but B. giganteus?
  5. Had a question on Eublaberus posticus. Is their substrate suppose to be pretty soggy? or just misting? I read they need a lot of moisture. and i guess i can put some white isopods in with these guys?
  6. OK thats what i thought too guys. was just getting some opinions. It didnt say exactly what it did to them, just said does more harm than good.
  7. So i was just reading a care sheet for roaches. It said that dog food and fish flakes ( I use both ) probably do more harm than good for your bugs and the things u feed them to. I have only been keeping for a short time. What do u guys think?
  8. Cool! they r some awesome looking roaches! Hope u can get them to breed, let us know how it goes!
  9. Cool! yeah i spray while i have their food dish out and then set it back in when i freshen their food.
  10. Good to know hisserdude. It drops to about 70% when i let it dry out.
  11. Hey guys....another noob question. lol sorry I let my Hissers dry out and mist a little bit on the walls and on their bark to keep the humidity around 75 or 80%. Is this ok or is it unnecessary? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for all the info guys!
  13. Mass i know u like to let ur sub dry out from time to time. as do i. maybe rotating your wet spot form corner to corner would be a solution. i think thats what im going to do.
  14. So i have a very noob question guys. When feeding my hissers i only feed once a week and only leave the food in there for like a day or 2? is this right? Thanks.
  15. Maybe thats true im not sure. i just know i mist my avic avic's cage about twice a week and that wasnt enough to keep the little buggers alive in there. unless they are in there and i never see them. guess that a possibility.
  16. Freakin sweet! keep us posted man! Mass, i have the dwarf whites they breed very well in moist conditions! i have thousands, but cant stand dry for very long.
  17. I got my enclosure all ready to go! what do u think? is it enough ventilation? i wanted to keep it large enough for good air but small enough to be able to hold a little humidity. what do u guess think? anything wrong with it u can see? well i wrote this thinking i could just post a pic....how do i do that? or can I?
  18. Yup guys i went out to target and got a gasket container today! gonna get er all set up for my new arrivals!
  19. Thanks guys! I wanted to get a really big one. can u buy really big ones? Ill have to have a look i guess.
  20. Hey guys, I will soon be getting some hissers from a friend. I am looking for some enclosure tips and ideas. Want to make it escape proof. my wife would kill me if she sees these guys out and about. so if you could give me some advise and post some pics of ur enclosures it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  21. he also had to dogs later one named tess and one named tickles. lol just so he could call them both from outside so that the neighbors would hear. lol
  22. my friend had a cat name C-A-T and a dog named D-O-G....so dont feel to bad. lol
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