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  1. nice! i want a pulchra....hard to find and pretty expensive.
  2. lol. funny! yeah i might just keep from doing that. one thing to feed myself with unhealthy stuff, but not my bugs!! lmao
  3. can u feed cooked food? not meat so much but if i have leftovers of veggies. although they will have salt and pepper and butter on them.
  4. lol taking people's leftovers for ur bugs! thats funny stuff. lmao
  5. i would but i dont know how. lol dont see an attachment option. i have an LP and b. smithi, a chaco, a GBB and a avic avic,. U?
  6. awesome pics! gotta get me some hissers. ! and thanks for sharing about the barrier! i will have to get me some.
  7. lol maybe thats why people used to think they were poisonous. nothing was eating them.
  8. how r the regular hissers and the halloween hissers not even in the same genus? u would think hissing cockroaches would all be in the same?
  9. cool! ill check it out! thanks guys! much appeciated!
  10. Sounds good! Is there anyone who sells roaches on here? or any other inverts for that matter? i noticed there is no "for sale" section on the forum.
  11. Thanks guys! im trying to get something setup before i get anything. i was thinking like a large critter keeper. The ones im most interested in right now are regular hisser. halloween hissers and giant cave roaches. ...sorry i dont know the proper names for them yet.
  12. yeah i think i might have got it figured out. Thanks.
  13. So is there a rule of thumb with roaches? They r all communal right? But if I have like a 5 gal tank how many say hissers can i keep together? I was wondering if there was a rule of thumb with what is over crowded. I want to set them up for display. Not with egg crates more of a natural look.
  14. hmmm. yeah thats weird. Just thought it was on my end.
  15. entity


    Thanks guys! see ya around!
  16. Thanks a lot guys! i will be back with a lot more questions im sure. Off topic though, im getting used to this forum...Why wont it let me like any comments? is says ive reach my quota. and how to why wont it show in my notifications when someone replys to a thread im involved in? Thanks
  17. Hey everybody, I am a newb, i am just getting into the scientificnames and everything for roaches. And i want to get some but not sure where to start. The bigger the better! for me anyway. What is a good starter do u guys think?
  18. entity


    Hi all, I am new to roaches. I am trying to decide what to get for pets. I know almost nothing about them other than they have a bad rep. But i find them very interesting and want to learn as much as i can before i get any and not quite sure where to start. Look forward to speaking with all of u. Frank
  19. Why cant i post or do anything?

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