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  1. Happy Hallows' Eve, roachers! I present to you: An All About Arthropods Halloween 2020 Enjoy and stay buggy! 😜
  2. For nearly all intents and purposes, the "Red Skirt" and "Red Edge" isopods are both referring to the same Cubaris species. I have not seen the Porcellio scaber "Red Skirt" circulated around really at all in the hobby yet, so 99% of what you see under that name should be Cubaris. Always best to ask for pics/species confirmation either way if you're trying to acquire some though.
  3. I'm unsure what exact external features differentiate the two, but could be! Sure thing. 👍
  4. Just remembered that P.floria also should occur over there as well, but whatever you have, the orange uropods are still unusual. Good luck on isolating the genetics!
  5. I'm not aware of any other Porcellionides species in that area, so you definitely should have a morph on your hands!
  6. Don't test me. 🤪
  7. This I can not deny. Oof. 🙃
  8. Welcome back! Hopefully you get nice and settled in here soon and return to breeding a few roach species again. 🙂
  9. Oh, I keep it on a stand about 4 feet away from the shelves, so things only ever reach the mid to high 80s in the center of the beam. Of the 3 racks on the shelf, it heats the center one thoroughly and then about 1/3 of the others. I usually keep my stuff that only requires room temps for breeding on the top and bottom shelves because of this.
  10. These are definitely lateralis (specifically adult females pictured). As for the odd behaviors you describe - are you sure the walls of your enclosure are free of any residue? If there's any texture at all, I wouldn't be surprised that they could scale it. On the topic of burrowing - when do you see them do it?
  11. I use one large brooder lamp with a 250 watt heat bulb for each of my shelves.
  12. My experience has been the same as @Hisserdude's, although I never tried grabbing them by the legs like @whowadat mentioned.
  13. @Hisserdude has before. You can read about some general Eleodes care with a tad of specialized information for E.armata towards the end right here.
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