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  1. The primary thing to worry about with P.americana and cf. N. propinqua is just maintaining a moist environment - both won't do great in the long run if they're allowed to dry out too often. Rhyparobia cf. capelloi do swell with one moist corner and the rest of the enclosure dry. Not sure if you were looking for more info than that, but none of the species I mentioned are that tough, so there's not a lot more to add.
  2. Here's a care sheet that @Hisserdude wrote up on the species: Invertebrate Dude Caresheets: Pseudoglomeris magnifica (idcaresheets.blogspot.com)
  3. Indeed, but sometimes it's just inevitable with different developments in life. 😕 At least Chen (@Forcep) does seem to be getting back into the hobby, if not quite as actively. I actually sent him a few species last November. 🙂
  4. @Forcep hasn't posted on the forum in a few years, but when I checked in with him about the species in 2018, he had sent his colony away to a couple friends. Not sure what the status of this species in the hobby currently is though. Maybe @Hisserdude would know.
  5. No problem, glad to help! How small are the peppered roaches? It can be difficult to tell when they're very young, but after a couple molts, the last abdominal segments should become distinct. On the females, the last segment will be about 2-3 larger than on the males.
  6. I'm not sure on exact species, but the roach in the first picture belongs to the genus Paratropes and the second belongs to Eucorydia.
  7. Wow, what a milestone! Happy belated birthday Roachforum and thanks to all that have brought it this far! 😄
  8. Glad to have you! @Hisserdude made a great care sheet on Arenivaga, with some specifics on A.genitalis, if you'd like to give it a read. 🙂 Invertebrate Dude Caresheets: Arenivaga spp. (idcaresheets.blogspot.com)
  9. Hey guys! I'm extremely excited to announce that All About Arthropods is officially on YouTube! If you'd like to see more fun and educational content on an array of amazing arthropod life, consider hitting that subscribing button and notification bell to get the newest videos as soon as they drop! 😃
  10. And the correct answer is...............Danaus plexippus (the Monarch Butterfly)!
  11. That's awesome! Best of luck with establishing your culture!
  12. It is! Although in this particular case, I'm suspicious that the behavioral differences are due to sex. Fairly certain that the angry one is a female based on how much larger it is than the others. 😅
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