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  1. Mine do well in an 18 qt. container with good ventilation. Things are basically bone dry except for one corner of the enclosure that I keep a moist clump of sphagnum moss in. Besides that, they have a couple, large pieces of bark for hiding under. Their diet consists of dog food and carrot.
  2. WATCH ME WHIP, WATCH ME SPIDER. New blog post!
  3. Feel lucky that the Easter Bunny was the only mutated animal that visited your house earlier today. Happy Easter! Photo art courtesy of Noah Campos.
  4. If you could leave out a freshly-perished individual in a location where it is easily observed and see if the flies mess with it, that should make the lifestyle of your Phorid Flies clear as day I'm thinking. I would assume that the roaches are simply dying from old age though.
  5. Indeed! Based on how few species require it, I would have never suspected that facet of their husbandry myself. lol Glad someone else did, though! For the rest, what @Cariblatta lutea said. lol
  6. As @Arthroverts mentioned, me and @Cariblatta lutea are both keeping this species. I'm just starting out with mine, but from what Alan (C. lutea) tells me, the need for rotten wood is the only really unique part of their care from most other isopods in the hobby. He has been successfully culturing his for over a year now I believe.
  7. The official second members of the scorp gang. 🦂 NEW BLOG POST
  8. I can provide a +1 for gasket tubs; they're perfect for these.
  9. This would be more appropriate for the "Ad Listings" sub-forum.
  10. Or maybe it was simply thought of as a desiccation buffer, I forget. Either way, the other theories mentioned here are much more valid. Exactly. LOL People can't even manage to figure out their taxonomy, let alone the even finer nuances of their beings. 😂
  11. The blog is back and ready to produce for your quarantined-pleasure! NEW POST!
  12. The only speculation I had ever heard is that it may be some sort of a sunblock analogous to what is used by things like Blue Death Feigning Beetles. Knowing that it only appears in mature, sexually-active males might reduce the likelihood that this is true though.
  13. Welcome! Awesome to have you here. 🙂
  14. I would say in the vast majority of cases, absolutely not. Really the only species in the hobby that's *thought* to possibly have issues stemming from that is Elliptorhina davidi (since the captive stock originally comes from a single gravid female), which have continued to flounder in captivity years after being introduced to it, but we also might just not understand some aspect of their husbandry. Almost all of the other species stocks in the hobby come from a handful of individuals imported multiple decades ago without any new bloodlines introduced since then, yet they still thrive to this
  15. Happy New Year! I can feel the new species dropping already. 😋
  16. Probably some odd, large Corydiid or Eurycotis pluto. 🙂
  17. Usually they overpopulate, aren't tended to properly (lapses in feeding, watering, or temperature), catch an entomopathogenic fungus, or two species are kept together and one outcompetes the other,
  18. Warmest of Christmas eve greetings from good 'ol Santa Chrysina! Be sure to leave some Juniper out for him tonight. 😛 Photo art courtesy of my little brother. lol
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