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  1. Oh, that's not a major problem for me, I've dealt with it before. lol I'll see if I can get both since it's so hard to choose, but if it comes down to it, I'll go with horrida. Alan's pics have really just motivated me to acquire them along with the fact that I've been keeping an adult masked hunter and have grown quite fond of assassins.
  2. Beautiful! I'm currently contemplating picking some of these guys up, but I also really like P.horrida......decisions, decisions.
  3. You can't really tame them, but some species become calmer at adulthood. Those Periplaneta and Pycnoscelus you have aren't really good species for handling. lol
  4. I'm just curious, do hissers still do well and reproduce steadily when kept moist as opposed to dry? I'm wondering because they seem to accept many conditions and that would keep the worry of cannibalism out of my head. lol
  5. I'm also definitely considering preserving my adult male G.oblongonota(my first roach) in resin when he passes away, thanks for providing that link!
  6. I'm pretty sure that you can use bark from any hardwood tree.
  7. Haha, things must be so different for you, when I started keeping roaches in August of 2015 many of the newer species already had a firm foundation in the hobby! Speaking of isopods, can't forget about the awesome new Armadillidium sp. "Montenegro"! BTW welcome back, always great to see older members come back to the forums.
  8. I agree! Man they must be tiny, they are only twice as big as some of the S.curviseta! Glad you were able to successfully breed these guys, hopefully one day they'll become common in the hobby.
  9. BTW how long does it take for them to get from an egg to an adult?
  10. Those guys are sick-looking! Definitely would pick up some if you ever had them available!
  11. I want to see some pics of the A.dentiger as well! Got any pics Alan?
  12. Awesome looking O.asellus! It looks like it's fluorescing in the second pic!
  13. Nice pics! Saw your blog post, hope these guys start producing some young for you!
  14. First of all, congratulation on purchasing those awesome species! I don't much on how they should be cared for, but someone who likely does is Edulio Isopods on Facebook. Good luck with breeding these!
  15. Love my new Eupolyphaga sinensis'White Eye" that I received from Kyle at the Tinley Park NARBC expo!

  16. Had my first Archimandrita tesselata mature the other day, now it's a nice adult female.

  17. Interesting, well hopefully your last female produces some more babies for you, not sure what you would be doing wrong in terms of care. About how many nymphs are there?
  18. Gave my Cylisticus convexus and Porcellio scaber each their own enclosures.

  19. Love my ten new, large, and beautiful Archimandrita tesselata nymphs!

  20. Getting some new Archimandrita tesselata this week, excited to keep this docile, large, and beautiful species!

  21. Getting some new Archimandrita tesselata this week, excited to keep this large species!

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