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  1. Exactly what I'm going to do. lol Will do! I know a lot of people that would.
  2. I have one currently, is there a way to sex them?
  3. How many would be the minimum number you'd take?
  4. Unfortunately, no........I'm really not sure why though since I think it was WC and I'm also pretty sure that I bred them successfully. Thanks! He really, really wants those so I'm sure he'll try his best to find some!
  5. Oh, that's not a major problem for me, I've dealt with it before. lol I'll see if I can get both since it's so hard to choose, but if it comes down to it, I'll go with horrida. Alan's pics have really just motivated me to acquire them along with the fact that I've been keeping an adult masked hunter and have grown quite fond of assassins.
  6. Beautiful! I'm currently contemplating picking some of these guys up, but I also really like P.horrida......decisions, decisions.
  7. Awesome! I've just got myself some old adults. lol You can say that again, I've made every one of my sales on Facebook! Your mom just needs to change the paypal sign in, they you'll be good. JK I'm actually selling off some of my spider beetles to save up money for whatever a buddy of mine catches out there this Summer.
  8. Nice, I knew it! lol How large will it be? And you didn't want to join Facebook. I'll bet money on the fact that you'll find some invert to blow it on by then.
  9. Don't worry, his paypal balance never seems to disappear.
  10. I bet I can guess what that arachnid is, but for the blog's sake, I won't say.
  11. You can't really tame them, but some species become calmer at adulthood. Those Periplaneta and Pycnoscelus you have aren't really good species for handling. lol
  12. We need to go back in time and bring those into the hobby.
  13. I was offered some more E.laevigata for free if I wanted them since my friend's colony was overrun, they also seem to be pretty prolific.
  14. Goes to show you I've never bred them. I'm very glad to hear that though since my Gromphadorhina sp. "Princisia vanwaerebecki" and Elliptorhina laevigata are close to maturing!
  15. That would be aye ok for a six-day period, the water gel would be nice as well, but you could alternatively just mist a corner of the enclosure. Also, nope, hissers do just fine in a dry enclosure as long as they have a source of moisture regularly.
  16. Or trade them, whichever you prefer.
  17. I haven't bred hissers, but it is usually a bit harder to get a colony up and going rather than getting overrun with nymphs, my lobsters haven't even outgrown their 20 quart container and I've had them for about a year now. lol Even if you just got loaded with nymphs, hissers can do still do well with a population of a few hundred individuals in a moderately sized enclosure given that there are plenty of hides.
  18. That diet is perfect, there will be no risk of potentially harming them unless you feed them unwashed greens and/or orange rind. Additionally, if you are ever thinking of offering any dead leaves, make sure that they're hardwood and sterilize them to be on the safe side.
  19. No problem. Normal room temps work fine, they can be kept anywhere from 65-84 F. Cool, they seem to be the most useful for the money.
  20. Welcome to the forum! Since you aren't looking to breed them, heating won't matter. I'm not exactly sure how tightly those exo-terra tanks seal/close, but if there are any gaps at all, your hissers would probably be able to get out(at least without some kind of barrier like Vaseline applied around them). There aren't exactly showy, but I just use Sterilite containers for almost all of my species. The ones I like the most are the Sterilite gasket box containers since they have a water-tight seal meaning that I don't have to apply any barriers. lol
  21. I'm pretty sure I am; just a bit drier than Therea. I'll try providing them a little more moisture anyway to see if that helps. I was thinking about overcrowding too, but I only have 15 of them in a 6 or so quart bin so I pretty much ruled that out.
  22. I'm having the exact same problem with my E.sinensis"White Eye", but some cannibalism also seems to be involved. However, am feeding nearly 50% dog food along with apple, banana, carrot, and a couple other things. Any idea what could be going wrong in my situation?
  23. Nah, that is normal for most roaches. I'm not sure about the reasoning behind it besides just acquiring some additional nutrition. The diet you are providing them is also fine.
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