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  1. I've got a roach and tenebrionid, update-crammed post for you guys! http://allaboutarthropods.blogspot.com/2017/02/new-ootheca-babies-and-larvae.html
  2. Very nice! I'm definitely hoping to acquire these along with P.caudelli and maybe P.lata one day.
  3. A big congrats! I haven't even heard of anyone ever getting eggs from these!
  4. Awesome! I'll have to pay that museum a visit if my dream of taking a trip to Arizona ever comes true.
  5. I'm pretty sure that you can use bark from any hardwood tree.
  6. Congrats! Really gotta add this species to my collection one day, would be awesome to create a display tank for them. I'm currently hoping to create a nice glass display tank for my A.tesselata.
  7. Haha, things must be so different for you, when I started keeping roaches in August of 2015 many of the newer species already had a firm foundation in the hobby! Speaking of isopods, can't forget about the awesome new Armadillidium sp. "Montenegro"! BTW welcome back, always great to see older members come back to the forums.
  8. Yeah, I didn't know either until I read Orin's book "Pillbugs and Other Isopods". No problem, happy to pass along any info I can!
  9. Yeah, I honestly don't like keeping any two species together either. Instead of keeping my Paraplecta sp. with another species, I just periodically add frass to their enclosure giving them the one benefit they'd have to co-existing.
  10. Another thing, P.moscorum are very hard to breed. Here's some advice that I got on captive conditions from a keeper who did a lot better with them that the vast majority of keeps do. "They need lots lots of leaves. I kept the lid on them with very little air flow. They seem to need high humidity while not being wet. I think a high humidity about 70% with just the right air flow is the secret." He also said "they seem to prefer well shaded areas near some kind of water or a low area that stays moist" in the wild. I wish you luck with breeding this tough species!
  11. One exception would be Paraplecta. They do considerably better when housed with other roaches(since they seem to love other roaches frass) and don't seem to bother them at all.
  12. I did that as well with C.convexus, A.vulgare, P.pruinosus, and T.rathkii, it was a pretty cool enclosure, but I just ended up feeling inclined to separate them into their own containers so that was the end of that. Although it's been almost impossible to completely eradicate the small A.vulgare from the enclosures(The original substrate for each new enclosure was a blend of new substrate and the mixed species substrate, which evidently had tons of baby A.vulgare in it.)
  13. I've had my eye on them as well, definitely going to try an pick up some this year! Although I can't provide any info, I hope you find all the information you're looking for!
  14. I do that about half the time. I mostly used to dump out the substrate sometimes because I just though of it as recycling, but I suppose I should definitely be more cautious of releasing non-native species.
  15. What do you do to dispose of substrates? Do you literally sterilize it every time? That would be very tough for me to do, my parents give me a hard time whenever I even try to sterilize my leaves!
  16. Wooh, got a little worried there but figured they had likely already been introduced as you stated.
  17. Does that count dumping substrate outside with Sinella curviseta in it.
  18. Cool, these guys have amazing camouflage! Is that one greyish guy recently molted?
  19. Dang, that really sucks. Surprised that the P.saussurei(since they're desert roaches) and mammals died from the extra heat. I myself have lost 3 species of isopods from heating related issues, so I feel your pain.
  20. Hey! Check out me new post to see the first arthropods that I've acquired in 2017! https://allaboutarthropods.blogspot.com/2017/01/first-new-arthropods-of-2017.html
  21. Is that usual for these guys, or are they just really hard to breed?
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