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  1. Thank you! When my shipment of that species entered transit, it stayed there for around 2 weeks for some reason before finally being delivered to my house. It was one of the few really bad experiences I've had with USPS, but even though they were Ectobiids (which are typically much more fragile than other roaches), they all arrived alive.
  2. Supella will be a pest inside of houses, Cryptocercus will be inside of rather large, rotten logs, and I believe I.derepeltiformis should inhabit the same niches as Parcoblatta. I'm not exactly sure on the Ectobius though.
  3. He isn't on here a ton, so I'll just answer for him. Within the U.S, no epilamprids are that commonly available, but you can find Opisthoplatia orientalis, Epilampra maya, and Rhabdoblatta formosana available at times; some new species may be available soon as well. @Bmaines96 may very well have the last R.formosana colony in the U.S right now and I believe he has all 3 epilamprids I mentioned available right now at very reasonable prices.
  4. They're a very easy species. They bred well for me at a range of temperatures, but heat of course speeds reproduction up. They shouldn't be without moisture for too long, but can take some dryness. A substrate can help with retaining moisture and if at least a corner of the enclosure is kept moist at all times, they should do just fine. The diet you mentioned would work great for them.
  5. Armadillidium peraccae Large individuals Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  6. Gymnetis thula Adult Pupal chamber Adult and pupal chamber 3rd instar larva Suspected 1st instar larva Suspected 1st instar larva and 3rd instar larva
  7. Welcome! The "punctata" have actually been confirmed to indeed not be that species last year by taxonomist Dominic Evangelista, but rather Diploptera cf. minor. With that out of the way, they like good ventilation with a mostly dry enclosure and hot temps. 🙂
  8. There have been ups and downs, but while the blog had been in near total darkness, I've been accumulating species by species, enclosure by enclosure, shelf by shelf. The mini zoo that has been built up is the largest ever to be documented on this blog and it's time to show the world. New blog post!
  9. Cylisticus convexus Large individuals Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  10. Armadillidium granulatum Larger individuals Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  11. Porcellio hoffmannseggi Large individuals Small individuals Mixed-size individuals
  12. Porcellio sp. "Morocco" Large female Large male(s) Smaller individual(s) Mixed-size individuals
  13. Porcellio spinicornis Gravid female Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  14. Armadillidium vulgare "Orange Vigor" Larger individuals Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  15. Porcellio scaber "Piebald" Medium-sized to large individuals (note the amount/placement of piebalding can change during the lifetime and individuals usually have to be 1/3 grown before they show any) Pregnant female (note the marsupium on her stomach)
  16. Porcellio scaber "Orange Koi" Larger individuals Smaller individuals Mixed-size individuals
  17. Schultesia lampyridiformis Adults Large nymphs Small nymphs Individuals of various life stages
  18. Symploce morsei Adult(s) Adult male with orange pronotum Large nymph(s) Medium-sized nymph Small nymphs Small to medium-sized nymphs
  19. I can only hope! Maintenance time has already gotten very noticeably less itchy, sneezy, and 200% more enjoyable, so things are definitely looking up. The only other potential problem ones I think I have are Blaberus, but I'm still reluctant to give most of those up (especially the B.colosseus "Peru" I just got a few months ago lol). Oh, I'm certain of it.
  20. How's it going everyone? 🙂 Long time no post! School has finally swept past me once again for this year and so my focus can now shift back to the roaches (as if it wasn't already somewhat lol). I plan to get the photoshoots going soon so I can get some more pictures slapped up here and build up this thread. However, one development in my collection that there's no need waiting to supply pictures for is that I'm now officially hisserless! 😮 The allergies were just getting too bad for me and I wasn't doing particularly great with the species I had, so I just decided to sell them all off to
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