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  1. Probably should have realized that, but didn't see a glimpse of any in the pics.
  2. Wow, you don't understand how fast this species jumped to #1 on my wish list; for some reason I never noticed how cryptic the nymphs were! Well, now I know what I'm going to start saving up my pennies for. lol BTW very interesting on the substrate; first species I've heard of that requires bark instead of something like coconut fiber
  3. Awesome, but when will they become available!!??
  4. The P. angustipennis don't seem to require whole logs, but from what I hear, they do require rotten wood. I asked one of the people who keeps them what his substrate mix was and he said it was an even ratio of milled rotten wood and dead leaves. Although.....I'm not sure if anyone has tried without rotten wood so they vary well may not require it.
  5. Does this need to be manually removed to stop the problem? Might a combo of cleanup crews or a bunch of ventilation + vertical refuges eliminate the problem?
  6. I honestly doubt I'll guess the other leaf mimic, but maybe Pseudophoraspis nebulosa, Pseudophoraspis congrua, or Pseudophoraspis fruhstorferi? I'll also throw out Methana soror, Methana marginalis, Methana curvigera, and Methana convexa.
  7. Oh, sorry, didn't see this reply. lol Guesses: Lobopterella pallipes Lobopterella princisi Morphna amplipennis Morphna badia Morphna auriculata Morphna pustulata Morphna plana Morphna clypeata Morphna decolyi Morphna humeralis Morphna imperatorial Morphna lucida Lupparia adimonialis Lupparia celebica Lupparia diamesa Lupparia eximia Lupparia majuscula Lupparia ferruginea Lupparia globosostylata Lupparia lata Lupparia nodigera Lupparia silphoides Lupparia subnotulata Lup
  8. Good to know! I see, at least I guessed something! LOL Hmm, has Rhabdoblatta been knocked out yet?
  9. I second thought, I'll guess until I win as well! At least give me a hint though, was the Corydidarum the really stunning one you eluded to earlier? Guess: Panesthia?
  10. If @Hisserdude didn't guess at least one species correctly, my mind is blown. lol
  11. It's in a box somewhere around here, hopefully it turns up sooner than later.
  12. Dang! I'll think up a last guess and propose it later.......losing my copy of "For the Love of Cockroaches" really makes this tuff! lol
  13. Dang man, that's about the most chilling sneak-peak that I've ever seen!
  14. Unfortunately I haven't came across anywhere that sells those.
  15. Lowe's sells large bags of it for $3 in the outside section near the soils.
  16. They have zebra-stripes (which you can observe primarily as nymphs), can't fly, and don't have a defensive odor, besides the genetics. lol
  17. I have one currently, is there a way to sex them?
  18. How many would be the minimum number you'd take?
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