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  1. I have a question can I feed my roaches turtle food pellets and parakeet food blend? is it safe? I currently give them quaker oats and before that dog/cat food but I'm not sure they can eat turtle food and parakeet food so let me know 🤔
  2. Hissing roach, Red Runner, Lobster & Dubia
  3. What happens if I stop giving my roaches vegetables and only feed them oats/dog food? would they still survive and breed?
  4. I got a few that got into my dubia's bin and noticed at least 14-16, I changed my dubia's egg flats recently but I did not clean the whole container otherwise I would've killed em in the spot cause those things can ruin your home if you get infested so I'll clean the container next time they need new egg flats and to your question I doubt they'd harm you unless you let them touch/walk in your mouth/eyes as long as the roaches don't get to your face you'll be okay but I wouldn't keep those inside my home perhaps a shed in the backyard or a treehouse would do in case some escape flying they won'
  5. My lobster's bin vaseline is melted but my hisser's isn't, I got my red runner's bin on top of lobsters due to space with a slightly mini space that would fit a notebook, all of my bins have huge holds in the lids with screen mesh attached to it I recently cleaned my lobster's bin after a few years the bin was heavy due to roach poop well other than my hisser's the rest of the roaches were not meant to be pets I got them to feed my reptiles/critters I haven't gotten a new pet since summer 2016 due to $ issues so there's nobody to feed them to but I can't just let them die so I keep keeping
  6. Never heard of that, last time I fed them there was lots of males trying to escape with their wings due to the heat
  7. That's odd, I've had mine for years and they never chewed anything plus the vaseline keeps them at bay the only ones who like to chew the egg flats are my lobsters
  8. I checked Home depot's and lowe's plastic racks none of them fit my bins, steel racks are expensive and heavy so right now due to space I had to put 3 bins stacked one of them had pretrolium jelly melted I'm not sure if it was cause there's not enough ventilation or the weather If I could have my 4 bins in a rack it'd save space see the only reason I keep my roaches is cause it was a monetary & time investment since I no longer keep reptiles/critters there's nobody to feed the roaches to, for awhile I've been feeding my roaches twice a month regardless they keep breeding a lot those cinder
  9. Hello recently I got some plastic shelves but my bins won't fit, I want to know if you guys can give me a specific brand of shelves I can use, my bins are 18 inches tall so what I need is spacing between shelves to be between 18 and 20 inches, I got 4 bins being used an 1 empty so a 4 tier shelf unit would do but a 5 would be alright too, It's been years that I have my bins side to side in different places but I need the space to put new furniture the stacking would solve the problems I know some people buy wood and build their own shelves but I don't have the tools or knowledge to build somet
  10. I'm thinking to shrink my colonies because I no longer keep reptiles & invertebrates like in the past so can you guys help me telling me each roach's money worth for dubia, red runner and lobster? I'm not planning to sell by bulk but would consider 100 to 500 if some guy asked me I have no idea how many roaches I got left but lobster & dubia they seem like A LOT since you guys are the experts I figured you'd tell me how much 1 roach is worth or 50, 100, 200, 500 possibly bulks for each species
  11. The reason I have big bins, I bought them at big lots cheap, those same bins in walmart at normal price are pricy but these had a discount, yes I have lots of feeders but it hasn't gotten to the point I can't handle it, the ones that were breeding like crazy were my hissers right now the colony is lower than before because the screen mesh wasn't secured enough and red runners got inside the hissers bin they bred inside and must have caused stress or they probably ate the egg sacks now I have roughly 400+ hissers while before I had like 2500+ so that's actually good I already secured the hisser
  12. I've alwaus used vaseline for my hissers and it works flawlessly, in summer it kinda melts but still they won't cross it over, whenever I clean the enclosure I use paper towels to remove the vaseline that way it won't be messy after you clean the enclosure
  13. That one is too small right now I'm using these for my hissers/red runners and lobsters Bin for my dubia I'm using this Bin wish I could take pictures but I have a crappy old camera like I mentioned before the small red runners must have escaped where the clippers are in the corners, those green clippers cause the screen mesh I put on top It's well sealed with tape
  14. What are those? like glue traps? I can't have glue traps on the floors or walls of my room cause the dogs might try to lick/eat them the other day some of my dogs were eating a dead periplaneta americana corpse
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