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  1. Would like to see an adult pair of eastern box turtles. Both are eating well, female has perfect shell, male has minor damage to shell but he is doing great. Pics upon request
  2. http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=6505&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 Check this thread.
  3. Dog food is good because it lasts in the substrate for a long while
  4. "Shipped the way ectobiids should be shipped" I listened to your instructions xD.
  5. Its about room temp for most but I have a huge heat lamp that heats my whole room lol i would also like to add that my room is windowless so I control the day and night cycle for all my roaches. So far I have 11 nymphs
  6. Panesthia do like cooler temps, all the way down to 68 for me and still active. Extremely damp sub and wood imo. They do appreciate a dry area and about 80 on occasion
  7. That was the plan but he rejected lol I lost 40 nymphs and felt super bad that my end of the trade fell through. I think ill be the only US keeper of these for quite some time
  8. By under wraps i mean no pics until I see nymphs lol
  9. If any of you wish to contact me in regards to any species, you can reach me at "josephreynoso1998@hotmail.com"
  10. Humidity they dont seem to care too much but temp wise very delicate. Most deaths came from shipping with adults and stress. I also lost a lot of nymphs trying to ship them to Alan Jeon. They do not do well at all when it comes to shipping
  11. By cooler temps I mean about 75, 'y room sits at 85 because I keep a sav monitor and lots of hissers. They cohabitat well with springtails because they are not voracious eaters, imo a cleaner crew is definitely needed as well as lots of leaf litter. They spend most of the day hidden but will come out and sit for quite awhile which is when I photograph. Absolutely tiny nymphs. I also have P. Augustipennis but im kinda keeping those under wraps
  12. Theyre doing well. Have to keep themin a seperate room as they appreciate cooler temps. Nothing has matured and one sub adult passed molting. Sorry ive been gone for so long everyone. I work full time and have college so its hard
  13. This species is not doing well at all. Nymphs are slow growing imo and very delicate
  14. My breeding and successful parameters for aegyptica Temps: 85 constant Sub: ground up leaf mix, no cocoa fiber. Completely dry every other week. Wet the entire time one week and skip the next 2. Food: feed only during dry spells, apples and carrots last a long while when things are dry. Lay one piece of bark down in the center and food goes under it.
  15. I breed hissers but this guy eats like a champ. I don't feed my sav mice, ever. I disagree with it, rather steer clear of gout and obesity so insect and quail eggs diet. Building a 7'x2'x2' enclosure sometime next week. super excited.
  16. Too much humidity build up. Change from egg carton to pieces of wood and the smell will go away.
  17. Small children sounds like a plan! Thanks Nick
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