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  1. Looking for a feeder that reaches an adult size quickly and fairly large as an adult. Any tips would be helpful! Someone dropped a savannah monitor off at my door yesterday.
  2. An occasional sprits is fine bud, brings my polyphaga to the surface. I usually do it when I feed. One time every one or two weeks but don't go crazy lol
  3. Caught my subadult eating today, super happy because it appears an ooth hatched with about 5 nymphs!
  4. OOOOOOO, love the white along the abdominal and thoracic area.
  5. lol as soon as I can buy a plane ticket, ill take you up on that offer xD
  6. Take me with you...... and good luck, this is definitely a beaut species
  7. I need make were, one of my females matured but my males are nowhere near.anyone?
  8. Vernon, you could take a circular saw and saw out a circle into the center or toward the bottom of the pvc then place them vertically?
  9. But with carnivores, most worry about people getting injured while shipping
  10. Nope. That's one reason why portentosa are legal to import into the US. They eat decaying and dead trees.
  11. I don't know everything about their post but that's what I heard from a friend of mine in France. Tarantulas are a big no no.youre not aloud to export or import them.
  12. Any tips on how to care for these beauties? I have E. Opaca Jaruco
  13. European post does not allow shipping of insects in anyway, however; laws are not as strict. If the post is found, they will simply dispose of the package. Pretty much the same as UPS/FedEx here in the states.
  14. Honestly, I have no clue. Some clarification from any of you bigger roach keepers would be great.
  15. Not all, portentosa and a few others aren't illegal but only allowed to be imported into certain states. My issue with this is the only reason they tell us not to (THIS IS A THOUGHT NOT A FACT) is so they can keep what they have imported rare and only to themselves, thus maintaining the value. Btw, Peter, no one said anything about doing it illegally. I asked if anyone has imported recently. I also didn't say this forum nor its users condone illegal importation. If there are any issues with the questions or statements I have made, you can message me directly through the forum or via email. You already have my email.
  16. All insects are practically illegal to import. And those are also my thoughts. Obviously you bigger roach dealers import so why can't the little guys know how to do it legally too? is it such a bad thing to help the community grow and get some diversity. Rather know than do something that will get me fined.
  17. Nice markings on that larger one. Glad to see your trip is going well lol
  18. Definitely let me know how these do for you lol nice find!
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