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  1. Update: First nymphs hatched out today. absolutely tiny! have about 10
  2. Lol hey, any topic about roaches is reasonable.
  3. I dont/ wouldn't knock any of kyles or any roach keepers prices lol that man has my utmost respect as well as you Alan. A roaches value is honestly based off of those who care for them, one may feel that the roach is an amazing must have species and label it as such meanwhile another may think of the roach to have little or no value.
  4. I get you, I agree that there should be some wiggle room with insects that are slow growing and all but anything "new" is going to cost you in order to be one of the few to have it.
  5. Lol i wasn't sure if he shipped worldwide and his page says he has no LAG at all. Wasn't willing to test that lol. I paid and got LAG. His trio may be prolific but because so few people have them, they're rare and should be treated as such. Correct? If everyone was able to get there hands on the same species for cheap, no one would be willing to trade because theres always a cheaper alternative or better trade from someone else.
  6. Btw, rare and beautiful roaches are what keep this hobby interesting. There would be no money in the hobby if species didnt have their own rarity this would basically cause a decline in whats introduced into the hobby.
  7. Let me put it this way, roachcrossing exports meaning his species are priced accordingly. Species are not priced based on breeding speed but availibility and rarity. Because he exports, species like r. Formosana are rare in eirope so people will pay. But species that are available there are really cheap. Few people are willing to export ao him being one of the few means he chooses the price. He basically runs a monopoly until others learn to export. Btw, Hisserdude, I paid wayyyy more than that xD Thats super cheap and if you did get a hold of them, you would piss a lot of people off by basically ruining the rarity and dropping their price as if they were a common species. In the US, only about 5 people have histrio (I think) and because of that, the price should remain high or trade only for RARE (keyword) roaches.
  8. I want some lol I need to visit arizona. What are your best collecting states near CA?
  9. They will not be added to his site. The reason these species are kept under wraps is to maintain value and trade value.
  10. One thing that helps with air flow is cutting a hole into the side and using a laptop fan to pull the air out. There's plenty of youtube vids to show you how to connect a laptop fan to an outlet.
  11. The medium or the large would work well. Substrate generally helps with smell and also provides moisture so the roaches aren't dehydrated. If you're going to be sorting, I would recommend packing down the substrate as tight as you can. A mixture of sand, coco fiber and potting soil tend to work really well. Vaseline also works pretty well as a barrier.
  12. Most adults perished in shipping so im practically relying on the ooths for a colony.
  13. Thats basically what I did with my E. Capucina and then I ended up selling them all completely. I would hate to lose too many of my his trio. Took way too much for me to get these guys and a nail biting shipping experience. Took 10 days for everything to arrive.
  14. If you have questions regarding any of these species besides giganteus, Id be happy to help.
  15. I bought ten and got about double. Cape cod has a lot under wraps. Ive talked to him on a personal level and all he's really trying to do is get colonies "established" before selling. Thats really an issue for all people who keep roaches. We think we can setup a colony, trade and end up having too little.
  16. Very tiny and by far my favorite of the new species I received. Appear to be quick growing and rather prolific based on the amount of ooths I've received.
  17. These will definitely be breeding well in about a month or 2! only two moths pictured appear inactive so I'm hoping for the best.
  18. Got 5 adults and one sub adult. Cant wait to see nymphs. One of the males is almost black! (will get pics soon)
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