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  1. I would assume that because the protein is being compared to milk and called milk that its only from the females and I have no clue, I've never researched ivory heads lol
  2. Honestly, seeing that no roaches are being pumped with steroids id be happy to have a bowl of frosted flakes and roach milk lol although it seems the collection process would involve the death of the roach. I assume only the females have this milk but I'm not positive.
  3. So I found an interesting fact and thought this would be the perfect place to share it. Credit goes to curiosity.com- "Scientists found that the protein crystals in the gut of the Diploptera punctata cockroach is 4x more nutritious than cow's milk."
  4. Could dry out and fall off but because of this ones size,it may take awhile and could get infected. Not sure what you can do, really just a waiting game. Please keep us updated.
  5. Welcome to the forums! temps for hissers and dubia should be mid 70's low 80's. You'll see nymphs very quickly especially if you use oranges and carrots. Hissers love dried leaves of hardwood trees.
  6. Use a hanger, bend it into a circle, put a T-shirt over the rim of the hanger and there ya go. You have a short handled net lol
  7. He said the hybrids of these are known as "European brown wings", Can anyone confirm??
  8. I have a friend breeding them with no problem lol so unfair.
  9. I have tons of substrate from a monitor enclosure and I was wondering how to store it without drying all of it out. I don't want to throw it away because I know ill need it later for riches or maybe even a different monitor lizard.
  10. ^^ yep, they need to burrow. Keeps them from stressing out and dying. You could try other things for humidity but they need something to burrow into.
  11. Call your department of agriculture. Talk to someone and see what they say. If the seller doesn't know its illegal, you could be fined if someone notices.
  12. Since being in the roach hobby, I've received many packages varying in size, insulation and the amount of protection. Most of my smaller shipments were received in a "small priority mail flat rate box" in my opinion, these boxes are really too small for insulation or protection of the roach. The next best thing and the point of this post: The priority mail shoebox! For just 25 cents more, you can have double the height and a few more inches of width too protect and insulate your roaches.
  13. Sounds a lot like stress to me. Maybe you're disturbing them too much? Leave them be for about 2-3 days (don't open the container or attempt to touch). Leave food in for it and just wait. Let me know if this helps at all.
  14. Males continually show interest in females (fluttering wings etc.) but I havent been able to see any linking and they hardly eat. Ive had 2 aborted ooths since receiving about a momth ago. The colony is a ratio of 1:1 with a total of 32 adults. Substrate is about 4 inches deep and there is a piece of vertical and horizontal driftwood. Temps sit at about 84. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. NOTE: yes, I understand these will be hybrids and should be labeled as such.
  15. You can feed once a week or leave it in over night bi-daily. Small colonies like that probably only need a baby carrot and 1/4 or 1/2 of an orange.
  16. Stressed, close to death, dehydrated, sick. I would suggest separating them until their condition gets better. Maybe up your temps and increase humidity a bit and see if it helps.
  17. "Most of that stuff isn't good for what your feeding. Stick with carrots and oranges. dry food on occasion.
  18. Do you have them in a bin or a tank? Give me a rundown on your setup haha
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