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  1. Hi, I actually made almost the exact same chow. Had the same issue. They will eat it for about 3-4 days and completely stop. I have no clue why but theres no way to get them to eat what they dont want to eat. I would suggest sticking with fruits and veggies with oats on occasion. Its really all the need.
  2. 1. P. vanwaerebecki "big" should say "big" up in the title as well. apologies. Adult pair: https://www.dropbox....ified.jpeg?dl=0 Nymphs: https://www.dropbox....ied-1.jpeg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox....ied-2.jpeg?dl=0 2. A. insignis https://www.dropbox....ied-3.jpeg?dl=0 3. G. portentosa (pair) https://www.dropbox....ied-4.jpeg?dl=0 4. G. oblongata https://www.dropbox....ied-5.jpeg?dl=0 5. G. Grandidieri "Black" https://www.dropbox....ied-6.jpeg?dl=0 6. E. javanica https://www.dropbox....ied-7.jpeg?dl=0 Gotta love the crooked fingers of a high school wrestler lol. All species are kept in the same conditions and separately. A. insignis has definitely grown on me with the reddish coloration. This coloration mainly appears on the skirts of the roach while it is young giving it an isopod like coloration. After the roach molts, the red becomes more and more distributed until a uniform reddish coloration appears.
  3. You could moisten a large sponge and cover it with mesh to keep the pests from laying eggs into it. They are a pest species so they can live in almost any conditions. They're very tolerant to any type of environment. May I ask why you want high humidity? German cockroaches really don't need it.
  4. Welcome to the forum and best of luck to you on breeding!
  5. Best of luck and please tell if that works well!
  6. From my experience, only males have escaped and Tenevanica is correct.
  7. http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=6505#entry36916 Look at that. Helps with roaches but for your case, im unsure on what will be reliable.
  8. Lol good luck getting rid of those my friend.
  9. Pretty nice gig haha and the color morphs come from inbreeding, as most mutations of roaches do. Takes a long while for someone to come up with something and isolate it.
  10. They breed fairly quickly, what work are you in? pesticides?
  11. I keep lobsters, they're considered a pest species I believe. Rather cheap as well.
  12. They love oranges. They practically eat anything
  13. All hissers breed at room temp for me the ones I do keep for that matter. I currently do not keep chopardi, davidi, or laevigata.
  14. The flex watt tape can line a back wall. Check eBay. And thats not too bad, 85 is usually perfect for most species.
  15. Ive checked that and it has stayed when gravid and through molts. usually things like that would heal through molts. I have females and males that when they bend they show the stripes but nothing large like this. she's been this way since her first molt into adult stages. Even if not a color morph, could definitely be a mutation that could be carried on?
  16. Theres no reply button on my screen :| I don't suggest directly heating but the large red heat lamps produce a lot of heat. It could probably heat up to 3 large bins stacked near it.
  17. These are my favorite dubia that I have produced. One is a partial gold male, the other a gold female and last is my "White Stripe" female (self proclaimed) White stripe is currently gravid! https://www.dropbox....-52qLSBZYa?dl=0
  18. What is your room temp tenevainics? I know for most its about 73-77. If yours are this low, id suggest just getting a single large heat lamp and keeping the door to your room/ bug room closed.
  19. For javanica, I would recommend anything with a lid that fits tightly to the container so no barriers are needed. For ventilation, You can burn holes into the side and top using a metal hanger, or you can cut large holes into the lid and hot glue screen to it. I currently have both of these in use for my hissers and they work really well.
  20. My room sits at about 82, for me its everything. Periplaneta australasiae did when I had them, Ergaula capucina bred extremely well at this temp.
  21. Member of the LOPWHHSOTHATPP squad

  22. This amestraight from Arachnoboards: "N/m about the legality, I read it again and it said it's unlawful to ship them into TN without a lisence but It also said the lisence isn't required to possess them. Weird, huh?" I would suggest calling your agriculture department for clarification or go to the site.
  23. It could have something to do withthe fact that hissers eat leaves. Thats one reason why its illegal to import phasmid species into the US.
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